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if i catch my drift

10 years ago @ Halolz - The Worst Nightmare · 4 replies · +10 points

... came to the wrong neighborhood

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you cant handle how adult i am

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i am an adult

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every time halolz is at a convention i go looking for shawn. when i ask every time someone says he isn't there... then i come back here and he says he was at the convention the whole time. i think he has an alter ego and decides to venture back into it during those times. he is probably the dancing deadpool cosplayer

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the dogs were let out years ago! no one knows who let them out, there was a time where there was an investigation but i believe the case has gone cold. just because the dog is still out doesn't mean it is relevant until we find out who let them out in the first place and why!

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either the people who post are having issues right now, or video games just arent funny anymore...

i blame all of you who play call of duty for this

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its odd, but to me the funniest thing about this valentines day post was that it was posted by "sadface"

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what about m night shroomalan? he had some good movies, i liked the 6th castle. then he went downhill after lakitu in the water

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what is this? game programming? on halolz? ive been gone for way too long :(

ill be sure to buy a copy when i can to try it out. im sure theres a forum somewhere to ask about the game that isnt here right? to find out things about the game or make suggestions or see future things