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LKS why not you meet up with your good friend Kelantan MB to discuss how you can help him implement hudud?

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Actually the highest ranking In Pas from Kelantan is Datuk Nik Aziz who is the Mursyidul Am.

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What a drama king!!

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Mr de Silva, do you live in Selangor or are you by any chance writing from somewhere in India. This crisis was sparked off by the Kajang Move, worsened by a power struggle in PKR, complicated by disagreements in Pakatan Rakyat.
Yet you write as though Umno is the one who caused it. Did Umno introduced the Kajang Move? Did Umno fight to be president of PKR. Did Umno ask to be the MB. Please la, TMI is resd by intelligent people. Don't insult our intelligence with this twisted logic passed off as an intellectual analysis. thank you.

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It is quite unbecoming of Nik Nazmi to speak like that. Especially given that he has been a rather unremarkable adun, does not shine in the state assembly and does little on the ground. If there is a snap election, he is guaranteed to lose his Seri setia seat.

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Oh dear, We don't know what to believe anymore. This guy talks A today and B tomorrow. Too many theories from him that do not make sense.

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I am quite sick of this YB. He is rarely in his constituency in Johor where there are problems like floods and jams. Yet he spends all his times telling other people what to do and what is wrong . Liew Chin Tong, please talk less, go back to your kawasan and serve the people who voted for you.

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I don't care whether hudud happens in Kelantan or not. Can we stop the water crisis in Selangor??? Please! Now!

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Well-written. But who is the writer? Should reveal himself instead of anonymous.

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Yes would love to see LGE's undersea tunnel agreement. There should be no double standards when it comes to transparency.