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I am the same! I'm in my 40's and still when I put on heels I feel like I'm "playing dress-up" because I just don't feel comfortable in them. I've tried a few times to switch to wearing a dressier wardrobe, but I peter out after a few months. I've become resigned to the fact that I'm a casual dresser at heart.

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Nice. I quite enjoyed that.

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Oh gosh, Hana's in french immersion and I write to her teacher in English. I haven't had to write in french since I finished high school. Mind you, I'm in Markham so there's zero expectation that parents here have any french background.

What I find tough is that we get so many forms sent home that we have to return by the very next day. Sometimes that's just not possible!

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So, next time I play with bubble juice with my kid and a bubble floats over to the neighbour's backyard and lands in the neighbour's eye, I risk being charged with assault? Is that correct? Or is that only if my neighbour happens to be a police officer?

Man, my kids have and I have had bubbles hit our eyes on numerous occasions and somehow manage to survive the experience. My kids and I are pretty tough, though.

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A tornado seems to have blown an article about UN peacekeepers onto page #2 of this article. If only you'd posted the article using a wind-resistant font...

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I had a similar experience years ago when I was working in California and got onto the topic of the War of 1812 with a few other coworkers. Most expressed surprise at my interpretation of events, though I did have one American coworker who was a bit of a history buff. She said she was embarrassed by how the war is covered in the US school system.

I also had another coworker express surprise that Canada had fought in World War II, but that's another story...

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"So I sez to the guy, I sez...."

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I'd have to go with Apple.

Other than Ottawa folks that I follow on Twitter I don't hear anyone talking about Porter. I'm not even sure what their Logo looks like.

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A little late, in my opinion. But a pounce nonetheless.

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What is wrong with this government? This case is just appalling...either the government is completely incompetent or willfully malicious. It's obvious now that they made a mistake. If they have any human decency they will get this woman back home to her family.