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Is there a stigma about market research?
Is there an assumption that a business owner can gain actionable knowledge from their network? After all they didn't get to where they are today on luck (did they)?

Businesses and business owners have a lot to consider today. Though I think that investing a little time for even some basic, DIY, market research will go a long way. Some will rely on an 'attempt' at social media and possibly rely on metrics or results (which vary in what are social media measurement metrcis) as their research. To your point, businesses can easily, listen and ask (in person or digitally) and get a baseline of what may be more worthwhile in focusing A resource on.

Knowing your customer is what will get you along in business. Not guessing and correcting.

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I love Sun Chips and I loved the fact they had a more eco-friendly bag then the other guys.

Was it noisy? Yes.
Could I hear the eco-friendliness going on as I grabbed a handful of carbs I didn't really need? Yes.

And I liked that.

Couldn't people just turn the volume up on their tv, ipod, whatever...instead?

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take your screenshots of the cache - it's been updated to a Page Not Found unable to locate message.

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Jake, these are great success stories to hear about.

I too participate in LinkedIn Groups where success has led to business relationships as well as traffic and links to product/blog sites. One thing I would like to add is that Group members who have opted-in to receive the group digest email (either daily or weekly) will receive an email of the posted Discussions and Articles. From what I can tell, the most recent Group 'Discussion' posted (prior to email being sent) will be the Subject Line of the daily email sent via LinkedIn. If you watch the group activity over a week, you can get a feel for the time of day the daily email is sent.

Time your Group post and your Discussion title/question is the Subject Line and your name is the From Name. In all of my experiences (50 groups; the max), the Discussion section of LinkedIn has priority over news submissions for the group. So, FYI on the "email marketing" perk of LInkedIn Groups participation.


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Ha, this is a funny post. I forwarded your post who, in turn, sent me a link to the 'new media d-bag' youtube video. Not sure if you've seen it, but worth the view and right in line with what you're talking about.

Any tips for a d-bag intervention? Anonymous survey results, declining 'engagement', pitting two unknowing (to them) social media d-bags in the same room and see how they feel about each other, etc. ?

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I'm glad to see the stated outcomes and thoughts as a result of the survey detailed here.
Here at the office, we were reviewing the survey results when they first came out and came up with some of the same conclusions as above. I'm looking forward to getting more #1's implemented.