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The Oklahoma bombing. I cried for 3 days. I was a new mom and a new Christian. That affected me on the mom level because of the children in the daycare. It affected me on the Christian level because I did not yet understand a God who allows suffering. It still haunts me, but it gave me a much clearer vision of God's sovereignty in the midst of an evil, fallen world.

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Clearly, someone saw the "spiritedness" in my first child...and prayed the reverse for my husband and I. Whoever asked God for our second child to be calm, bless your heart, He heard and answered ;-) We quit while we were ahead...

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I think you're right, that's what I think. But like you, I'll be dead at the end of the century, so if we're wrong, we'll be wrong together ;-)

My hubs and I have been watching our Rangers in awe all season. The live games have a hugely different feel since Josh Hamilton (and his accountability partner Michael Young) have begun playing for us. Josh is not at all shy in living what he believes and it seems to be spreading like wildfire among the team. Each time Josh steps up to the plate to bat, Christian music blares over the PA system. It's just massive awesomeness to see God glorified in a baseball game.

PS--A-Rod used to be a Texas Ranger. He always said he'd get us to the World Series. When we struck him out Friday night, we officially headed to the World Series. You were slow in getting it done, but thanks A-Rod for finally making good on your promise ;-)

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“You’re too smooth faced to be a Pharisee, here’s your beard.”--SNORT!!

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Jon, I'm still wating to hear if you've hugged TobyMac for me yet. Well...?

Our worship leader is a purple belt (Go Kevin!!) Just last Sunday, we did a "women only" and "men only" chorus. It was like being at camp! I has so excited.

And good luck to you worship leaders trying to get your members to clap over their heads. If the women in the audience are over the age of 25, it ain't happening. Our arms jiggle too much once we age. No one needs to see that.

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Collin's right. Denton isn't magical Jon. Sorry. If it weren't for the traffic...maybe. I live near Cedar Hill. On a clear day, I can almost wave at DBU too ;-)

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1. Yes, God has a Mac. But He loves PC's too.
2. It never occured to me when locks up, it's God. I always thought it was my husband's spidey senses tingling and he could sense me on the site, credit card in hand, ready to buy Kindle books, cute shoes and a food processor (that may or may not have been my purchase history this week). Then he puts a hex on the site, and BOOM, I can't buy my stuff. But now I'm thinking it was God. Or Dave Ramsey maybe. He's helping us pay down our debt and my purchases aren't helping that. Does Dave have that kind of power?

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I have actually never thought about how I might leap straight to the horror of faith when I hear about the beauty of faith. I don't do it everytime, but I do it sometimes and it never occured to me it was because I can't always accept grace. This is just truly blowing my mind today. I'm off to process and pray. Thanks Jon.

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We have a Second Baptist Church in a nearby community. I always feel sorry for them.

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Stonegate. I think that makes us a hybrid of LL Bean and the Double Noun. Plus we're super cool because it's Just. One. Word. Are we a church? Are we fence builders? Are we an exclusive sub-divison or a mall? Come find out. It's how we roll.