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I work in a school as H&S Officer (p/t until I take over two more schools in September) and first aid leader. We've not yet (as of 16.00 9/7/09) had any swine flu, but we've come close, so it's only a matter of time. The First Aiders will be the ones who have to look after the suspected patients until parents arrive.

Can you tell me what kind of masks you are using? I can't get any guidance. Our local ambulance service have been told to put the mask on the patient (makes sense as it keeps the bugs to the infected person) but I still can't find out the type of masks I need. I'm quite willing to hit the budget for a couple of hundred. In the meantime, all we have are gloves, aprons and alcohol gel (to be kept well away from our "students" as they'll drink/eat it).

Adults are supposedly not infectious until they are symptomatic, but that doesn't apply to kids. Unfortunately, we don't know when a child becomes an adult in this context. 12? 14? 16?