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I like their "group" demos. When the colums rise it almost looks organic, like rippling waves. It would be cool to string A LOT of these together.

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LOL. I was thinking "whack-a-mole" as well. Seriously though, I do like the tangible nature of where they are heading with this.

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Hey Lux. I’m using Seth Godin's definition of “remarkable”. I'm not defending it against the latest production tools in any way. Just responding the "utter crap" comment.

My point is that it had value, influenced design, and influenced the grid controller movement as a result of its creation. I don’t see a reason for people to “hate” on it because it’s not as relevant today or because it didn’t live up to Yamaha’s hype. Way too expensive – yes. Too much hype and not enough support from Yamaha – yes.

It seems to me that the forums are dead because once it shipped, Yamaha clearly stopped thinking about it and I’d imagine Yu Nishibori went back to his day job at Yamaha and Toshio Iwai went back to being an artist. It’s kind of sad they didn’t do more with it – like Access does with the Virus with continuous updates.

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Part 2:

So did it revolutionize music tech? To keep things in perspective, lets take a look at Tenori-On vs Monome vs another music technology - euphonium.

Is Tenori-on "Remarkable"( by Seth Godin's definition "Remarkable = worth making a remark about")? It's an extremely small sample, but this post and the first two comments indicate that this technology - first demonstrated in 2005 and released in 2007 - is in fact still remarkable.

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Part 1:
Hey kids, lets look at how Tenori-On might have contributed to the grid movement and music technology in general with some groovy analytical interweb tools.

Did the Tenori-On influence any other designs? Here is the search for "like a tenori-on"

Was there any interest in the Tenori-On over the last few years and how does it compare to Monome?

Anyone still talking about or referring to the Tenori-on?

Did the Tenori-on ever make it out of the bedroom and on to the stage with any iconic artist on a major tour? Bjork "Who Is It" (which charted at number 26 in the UK)

Did Jonathon Coulton ever use the Tenori-On to play "My Monkey for Wil Wheaton"? Hell yeah -

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I feel for you noisetheorem. They lost me a few years back when they dropped the price of Komplete and did not offer an upgrade path to those of us who bought individual synths.

Interesting that they made this move just after reorganizing stock and getting ownership back from investors.

I now only own Absynth now (which was my first VST way back), I love Brian Clevinger's vision and work. I'm hoping they support Absynth in their new strategy, or work out a way for Brian to continue to develop it.

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If I was I thought I could make it to a compound with power - Waldorf Blofeld. Metal case could come in handy. I could play while barricading a door for example. If I had to run on batteries, how about a Korg Poly 800. I'm sure I'd be able to find a cassette player in some old civil defense bunker to save and restore patches.

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Well, this has been a lot of fun. Just a religious argument at this point so I'm out :^) Damn you synthtopia for sucking me in to these debates - lol.

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Your right, not obvious - but Nobuyuki Tsujii learns by listening -

"He plays piano by ear, first listening to a live or recorded version of the piece, memorizing what he hears, and then matching his playing to the score he has memorized"

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The latter. I'm humming one of his melodies now from a film I've not seen in 5 years and I couldn't tell you what instruments where in the arrangement :^) I will say that there is extreme value in the division of labor in the process for those who don't record their musical thought in notation form.