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...where "journalists" are often reduced to the status of mere stenographers as they eagerly communicate to the masses the words, wishes, wit, and wisdom of government officials.
Very good said Raimondo. The problem is that you too felt in the same trap with the June Iranian election. To bad Justin, I was, and still I am, very disappointed. I hope for you to acknowledge this one day. Otherwise, your today's article is good.

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UN: Israel had 'impunity' in Gaza. No, Israel had, has and will have impunity against anyone. That's not news. We know that long time ago.

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An other, newly illuminated "author", who comes here on the Antiwar. Com.-witch I think it is not antiwar any longer- to preach the same salads than the mainstream media serves us for almost a month now, since the Iranian elections of June 12, without any real and true facts, without any serious evidences other that platitudes and false suppositions. Who is Muhammad Sahimi anyways? Who are you sir? What are your credentials and expertise? You said that “Alas! Ahmadinejad was declared the “victor” and will apparently be Iran’s president for four more years, even though a great majority of Iranian people living in Iran and in the Diaspora (including the author) consider his second term illegitimate, or at the very least suspect.”
Can you explain to us sir why Ahmadinejad was declared the “victor” and not simply Ahmadinejad was declared the victor?
Can you explain to us sir WHY “and will apparently be Iran’s president for four more years” APPARENTLY ???
Can you explain to us sir, WHAT is “a great majority of Iranian people living in Iran and in the Diaspora”? How you know that a great majority of the Iranian people consider his second term illegitimate??? What studies or polls or surveys you did or you are referring to, that proves what are you saying??? Can you give us those sources sir?
As for the (including the author), WE understood that easily sir.
Now, for your phrase that: “To be sure, the violent crackdown on the peaceful demonstrations of the Iranian people, which has resulted in the murder of at least two dozen, must be condemned” WHY you do not mention that between the “ in the murder of at least two dozen» are 8 polices officers murdered by “the peaceful demonstrations” and more than 500 others injured, again by your peaceful demonstrators sir ???
WHO murder the Neda Agha-Soltan, the beautiful 27-year-old woman???

And the cherry on the top Muhammad Sahimi !!!

But for the condemnations to have any credibility, the condemners themselves must have credibility. At the international level, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, the International Federation of Human Rights, Reporters Without Borders, and the United Nations Human Rights Council have consistent and credible track records of defending human rights and can credibly condemn what is happening in Iran.
The Human Rights Watch, International Federation of Human Rights, credible, neutral, unbiased organisations Mr. Muhammad Sahimi ??? Give us a break sir!!
Reporters Without Borders Muhammad Sahimi ??? I’m sure that you know that this organisation is financed by the CIA, don’t you??? I’m sure you know about the biased “reportages” of this “neutral” organisation about Venezuela, Cuba, China and the Tibet, don’t you Mr. Muhammad Sahimi ???
Sir, Yes, the Iranian people do NOT need YOUR moral support, WHAT the Iranian people real need is for you and your acolytes to stay AWAY from them. PLEASE !!!!

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Some of those I mention, dear Colin Patrick Barth, conducted revolutions and real revolutions are , by definition and nature, violent, like the Glorious American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Great Iranian Revolution and so on. Said that, to terrorize their critics or imprison dissidents or even kill opponents is part of the game, like the Americans did so well and cruel during the American Revolution and during the American Civil War The real answer to a revolution is a contra- revolution but, in the case, the counter- revolution HAS to succeed imperatively. Otherwise, the Execution squad, the firing squad has to work overtime, around the clock. That is the way things work in real live sir.

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I don't have any problem, my self, to say, high and loud, that I like Ahmadinejad, the same way that I like and support, in my mind and heart, Mossadegh before him, Lumumba, Salvador Allende, Chavez, Ortega, Castro, Hô Chi Minh, and so many others throughout history WHO, at theirs best, at list tried to be independents, with the real significance of that word; to do what they toughed to be the best for theirs peoples, not to follow the ORDERS from the IMPERIAL PLANETARCHS of the moment, to resist submission. To be accountable, just to their people. To do that necessitates conviction and courage, of course, and for that they paid a heavy price, and that is what inspires us and billions around the world. Everybody inspires to be the master in it owns place and nobody likes to be the servant to somebody else. It is almost as good as to say " I had a dream, or what ?" You don’t need for that to be ANTI to somebody else specifically, because, to be independent and free, free from somebody else’s will, it is natural, Period.

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I'm still wondered, and little bit surprised, just little bit, about the miraculous transformation of Justin Raimondo ! From an respected anti war activist he became mainstream propaganda media apologist .What a contradiction! And first : "siding with those who had bombed their country and ripped Kosovo from Yugoslavia’s bleeding carcass?" Ripped Kosovo from SERBIA Justin, not from Yugoslavia ! Yugoslavia already was ripped, assaulted and violated big time. Now about "a shining city on a hill, read little bit Noam Chomsky about it Justin. It is instructive. And about, again, ...hat the Ahmadinejad camp engaged in massive election fraud,Im still waiting, almost three weeks after the vote, some hard facts, some good proofs, not just suppositions, and like "in the margin" and "even and uneven digits" Justin ! If you want to be a macho men Raimondo, just do it. Please.

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One hour after voting had ended on June 12, Iran’s Interior Ministry had called Mousavi’s headquarters to inform him that he was going to win, and that he should prepare his victory statement without boasting too much, in order not to upset Ahmadinejad’s supporters.
What going on lately in the Anti - Capitulation? Surrender? Where are the hard facts, the real evidences Mr. Muhammad Sahimi ??? Is that "CALL" available? Registered? Can we hear the voices ? It looks very weird what you're trying to make us swallow. Do you have any proof Mr. Sahimi about that? If yes, please give it to us. Otherwise, it would be better to talk about potatoes Mr. Hahimi. I think.

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I'm still wandering to what happened to Justin Raimondo ! From an anti war activist that I respected, Justin became a "marginalist" , and a "digitlist", an a supporter of the Western's mainstream Media propaganda. What a transformation Justin ??? I still have the conviction Justin that been an anti war activist and a supporter of the mainstream Media propaganda it is contradictory. Period. So the Iranian election was fraudulent in the "margin", with "even or uneven last digits" Mr. Raimondo? I ask you again ; What happened? Where are the real hard facts, the real evidence Mr. Raimondo? Nowhere? For that, then, we have to look at the "margin"? Have a nice day Mr. Raimondo! It is always good to be on guard, you know.

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In to reply to Iran's Green Revolution: Made in America? by Justin Raimondo, 22/06/09
Now Justin Raimondo has shifted to the statistical fiend. In the absence of arguments, Raimondo plays now with the "margins"and the "last digits" . Even or uneven digits Raimondo? What a decadence my friend, well until now .

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You too Brutus, sorry Raimondo? ...« καὶ σύ, τέκνον » ("Kaì sú, téknon", in Latin "Tu quoque mi fili"), significance « Toi aussi, mon fils », «you too, son» ?