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This former refugee from a communist hell finds little difference between our MSM and the Pravda, Borba, Rude Pravo, and other outlets of communist propaganda.

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Show me a strong union and i will show you a dead or dying industry - steel, automobiles, textile, electronics, apparel, shipbuildind...and of course the schools where the uniona have brought our education to the level of Zimbabwe.

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Excellent research, Sir! I congratulate you; this impostor marxist Muslim from Kenya should be impeached formally and thrown in jail for life; and of course all his enablers from Chicago.

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The story of the nationalized health care in Great Britain is what awaits us here:
1) When their Labor Party nationalized health care in Great Britain in 1948, the country had 480,000 hospital beds serviced by 350,000 employees;
2) In 2002 they had 186,000 hospital beds serviced by 882,000 employees; and
3) In 2008 they had 160,000 hospital beds serviced by 1,368,000 employees.
All these "employees' are of course unionized. Pretty soon they will have NO hospital beds serviced by 15 million employees.

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La wise Latina will bring her notions of "social justice" to her rulings - as per teachings of Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and so on. As directed by her master Mullah Obama.

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Nobody should be surprised by the doings of our marxist Muslim President Obama, better known as Mullah Obama.

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I am not against birth control: let women use contraceptives, day-after abortifacients, abortion even - and let them pay for those, nor charge me for those "services".

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So every employer must buy what is offered regardless of any religious objection – and that is a “free” service with no co-pay! In other words the cost is hidden in the overall health care insurance premiums – which of course will be increased to cover those hidden costs. Eventually that cost increase will not matter at all – all those health insurance companies are destined to be nationalized anyway and replaced by the government health agency. Obama’s philosophy here is based on the opinion that pregnancy is a mortal desease, like tuberculosis or influenza or black plague that must be fought against by any means necessary.

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President Obama issued a “diktat” – just like any Secretary General of a Communist Party – which commands every employer to offer “free” services of anti-contraception devices, sterilization, and abortifacients in the employer-offered health care insurance. Catholic and evangelical hospitals and clinics protested vigorously – and then he changed his orders and commanded that all health insurance companies must include such “free” services to all women without co-pay. He really is convinced that we are all idiots; perhaps after 3 generations of nincompoops have gone through the mis-education by our teachers unions he is not all that wrong. (cont.)