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Thank you, Pat Condell. You put into words what I couldn't. I'm a liberal and I feel the same way.

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Articles like this one really bring some hope. When two great evils do battle, everyone wins. Personally i'm rooting for the communists. They may be bloodthirsty monsters but they're capable of change. In the last few decades their unnecessary brutality has slowly but surely waned, though it's far from what the west has. Here's to hoping China takes care of some our problems for us. Cheers!

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Well technically it's 4 dead and one inhuman barbarian shit stain smeared on the sidewalk.

I'm going to go enjoy a video of similar Barbarians trying to fire a mortar and blowing themselves up to feel better now. R.I.P. Concert Civilians and Brave Cops.

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Sick barbarian bastards.. truly the scum of humanity. Is there anything lower than a Palestinian official at this point? I mean.. there does need to be a new sub-species of humans just for these people.

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I'd simply tell you that you'd have a hard time simply surviving in any Muslim country. Don't get me wrong, any theocracy is murderous. Christian or Islam makes no difference in that regard aside from a few issues. Taking your code of laws from bronze age mythology books is never a recipe for justice or a well-off society. These same people claiming marriage between two men would be the end of the world as we know it also said the same about interracial marriage. I will agree that fanaticism boasts a problem for all mankind, but the immediate elephant in the room is Islam. Regardless of how you manage to rationalize it, the fact is it dictates death to unbelievers, apostates, and various degrees of barbarism to non-Muslims. You may argue medieval Christians did the exact same thing if not worse to various continents, but times have changed. The Christian radicals are a fringe, they don't run countries anymore. Meanwhile Islamic Theocracies across the world are the most oppressive, totalitarian, violent, murderous places on the planet. There's a reason the Christian theocratic systems in Europe failed en mass, and it's the same reason the Islamic ones must fall. So when I say Islam is the current great enemy of the world, take it with the notion that the keeper of that title changes hands quite often. Hence my equal opposition to Christian force and dominance in the U.S. . I will not trade one bronze age theocracy with another. And I feel most liberals are on the same page.

However fair is fair.. do enlighten me as to how well you'd think you could live as an open homosexual in any Muslim country of your choice.

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Homosexuality is not at odds with Western values. Why is that you ask? Because they're not out to force YOU to do anything. ralph, you, as an individual, are not required to do a single thing by allowing gays their freedom and right not to be persecuted. About the only thing required from you or indeed anyone who doesn't necessarily agree with homosexuality is just not to act like a Barbarian Babboon, or a Muslim, when seeing Homosexuals. That's IT. It's a vast difference from Islam which demands conformity to the letter of its Barbarian book, under the threat of death.

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"Hate Speech" laws are ridiculous, and I don't support them at the least.

My only request is two fold: Cease attempting to force your bibles laws onto me or anyone for that matter, and cease trying to make other peoples lifestyles illegal. That's not necessarily directed at you, but the Christian right in General. You have every right to follow your religion and believe what you will, but no right to force it to anyone else.

I think we can both agree that regardless of your views, or mine, people have the right to individual freedoms and to be with whoever they want without persecution. If not, you wouldn't be on this site challenging Jihad which seeks to impose their religious "ideals" on all societies by force and subjugation.

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Surely they can tackle more than one problem at a time. But are you really going to fault them for choosing the more direct problem over what they'd most likely view as a distant one? For me personally where I live, i've never encountered a Muslim causing me problem as a bisexual. Does that mean Muslim fanatics wouldn't if they had the chance? No. But I have encountered Christian extremists that cause problems, inciting hatred and sometimes provoking or engaging in violence, physical and verbal for no real reason other than their hatred of 'fags' in the name of their religion.

You Christians on Jihad Watch shouldn't be afraid to admit there are radicals out there who give Christianity a bad name and only give reason to Liberal gays as to why to distrust and hate the religious right. Denial of this most basic of concepts and refusal to debunk your own extremist fringe takes away from your standing of how Muslims fail to stop their own. It gives rise to the argument that Christianity and Islam are only a stones throw apart and not really that different. Now if I, and most gays/bisexuals had a choice of one, it'd deffinately be Christianity since the other choice is a murder cult with 0 tolerance. But that does not excuse the other side.

And indeed, the hypothetical position you mentioned is what I find most gays/bi's believe in. I'm merely suggesting the reason Gays/Bi's are more inclined to fight Christianity than Islam is because Christianity is the major powerhouse behind the Wests reason for oppression on homosexuality. Obviously it's nowhere near as bad as the Middle East but.. you fight your local battles before your global wars.

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I'm bisexual myself, in the U.S.A. I understand Islam and its dangers very well, but from my own perspective it's not the immediate threat on my liberties here, so i'm less concerned with its impact on my rights. Gays really have two enemies in this respect.. extremist Christians and Islam. The one which has more relevance in the U.S. is Christian Extremists trying to get Government to butt in on our lives [ All the while claiming they want smaller Government ]. Islam is without question the greater of two evils in just about any case involving religions or civil liberties, but most prevalent to people would be their local oppression. In other words yes Islam boasts a problem for all mankind, and it's obviously one that must be united against. But for most gays i'd assume they don't want to get involved in a global war. They just want to live their lives, as they are, and that means the only real enemy to their peace would be the most local oppressive force, which in the U.S. is usually Christian extremists as stated earlier. One day it may be the local threat to homosexuals will be Muslims, and that day you'll see equally as many Gay campaigners speaking vocally about Muslims.. might be too late then, but local battles will always take precedence against global campaigns. My own right not to be infringed upon by Christian beliefs in my neighborhood takes precedence for the moment over the rights of gays in Afghanistan, however much I feel for them. Selfish? I don't think it is.. it's self-preservation.

Christians shoot themselves in the foot by oppressing gays, and as a result have less of a leg to stand on when it comes to the war against Jihad. Granted Islam would oppress/kill far worse.. nobodies good at choosing when it's just a matter of the less of two evils.

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Couldn't they file a 2-year humanitarian appeal that would allow them to indeffinately stay in the country? Or is that Muslim Terrorists only?