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Eric Paulsen? LOL. I was expecting to see a white guy. This guy looks more like an "Ah Chong"

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Imagine what will happen if PAS comes to power...

236 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - I am a hero and you ar... · 2 replies · -48 points

Alot of chinese here commenting on Malay issues. You guys can let us Malays worry about Malay issues and we will decide our own path. You go and worry about chinese issues, kapish?

236 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - 2nd group behind Myanm... · 1 reply · -70 points

Funny how all this murder happened after DAP came into power.
See the silence from the chinese DAP supporters..hahaha.. Any other state and they will be barking "thank u bn for making malaysia unsafe".
How come now this dozen murders over 2 years happened in penang, no chinese saying "thank you DAP and emperor Lim" ?

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How funny that Alvin is now the poster boy of DAP chinese.
This is how low the Malaysian chinese have stooped to.

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There is no difference with DAP that only cares and looks after the chinese and carry the chinese agenda

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One step at a time, the DAP's agenda is being fulfilled..

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Just register the service and get on with it

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True, this boneka orang cina, Anwar has run out of moves

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You just did it to feel good about yourself without thinking about her safety and well-being.
If she dies, you have blood on your hands.
What a selfish person you are.