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Hi, Kelly, thanks for stopping by! I haven\'t been a regular blogger as of late, but having a visitor might be just the incentive I need to pick it back up again! How do you like The Truth Project?

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lol ... you do that! Sounds like fun.

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Love the project and lessons learned. What part of life couldn't be made better with laser ninja robots? :)

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Welcome back! I'll be looking forward to hearing about the conference. I couldn't agree with you more re: a "new stage of development" in Christian history. I also couldn't be more excited about that very fact. More and more, I am seeing people of all walks of faith coming together in unity...getting out of the comfort of their pews and joining together for the common purpose of being the hands and feet of Jesus to others. It is where my heart lies and my personal hope for God's people.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. "I have found so often that I hold a strong opinion, maybe for years; but it was always in the abstract. Then I have a life experience that contradicts the strong opinion that I hold." I would love for you share some examples, if you care to.

Life has taught me, through many mistakes, I don't know all that much! But, what's interesting to me, is when it comes to spiritual matters, I have felt inadequate, unfaithful, less than, if I *don't* have all the answers...or the right ones. "Be prepared in season and out to give an account" and all that.

It is good to know you get "the need to be right" thing...and "discovering blessings in being wrong"...well, that's good stuff!

You and crossmage make good points re: the "big questions". I have been on both sides of the street with those...I have parted ways with friends over theological disagreements, unfortunately. And I have had others distance themselves from me for the same reason. I think this type of rejection is partly why fear comes up when I want to ask things that may seem sacrilegious or "weak".

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"Truth can withstand any examination". I like that. It is where I am right now, realizing that truth isn't going to mind if I poke it with a stick. I am realizing that no matter how my answers may change over the course of my life, my relationship with the "Teacher", is the foundation of it all. Good stuff! Thanks!

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hanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Dana! Diane is definitely a special lady. "That woman gives some good prayer" is how a mutual friend put it. The wonderful gift of fellowship, I find, is that often, when we feel week and/or uncertain, God shines through our brothers/sisters and reminds us His grace is sufficient and more uncommon than sometimes we think.

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Glad you stopped by. I'm sorry to say, I have no idea where Muppet is or what is going on in his life today. But I must say that he has been weighing heavy on my heart lately and just hearing that question nudges me to do more than just pray for him. I'm still connected to a few people back in Virginia where we were living at the time. I know, my kids are still connected as well, through facebook and such. I'll have to do some research and blog about what I find out.

Our prayers are with you, your family and your ministry. If you ever want to do a guest blog here, or if you have a site you'd like me to link to, just let me know. I don't have any traffic to speak of yet, but I'll be glad to help get the word out to whomever I can with regards to your ministry, contribution channels, prayer requests and the like. I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear about what God is doing in Chile. Keep me posted.

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I have experience putting up walls of anger and bitterness...thinking that they shield my heart from the pain I'm going through at the time. It usually just prolongs it. When I let it go and hand it over to God, it's true...He let's me know He's been there all the while, missing me, loving me and happy that I'm speaking again.

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