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Gilles must be relieved that the Liberals down fall over shadowed his face plant. I honestly pity the next Liberal leader.

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Something along the lines of Nunavut's government perhaps?

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I've used this argument before but I've not been dissuaded from it. How are the needs with regards to "federal" jurisdiction different for someone living in Calgary East different than a fellow Calgarian from Calgary Southwest? The flip side of the argument is that a person from Woodstock NB would have different needs than a fellow New Brunswick-er who lives in Burnt Church. Land locked and near the US border vs coastal area that vies for fishery resources. The residents of Athabasca County Alberta have diverging interests from those of Starland County Alberta.
It's not about party choice. It's about having someone represent you that could claim to share consequences to policy and legislation.
This PR and AV push is driven by ideology and generally by people who come across as sore losers pointing out how a system that isn't used would have given them something that isn't theirs to have.

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Wealth needs to be made. Doctors and Lawyers are out of luck if no one has money for their "services".

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If you wish to marginalize an inseparable part of the economy due to ignorance that's your choice.

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I do wish to agree but are we arguing education for personal knowledge or education for purposes of employment?
It is indeed a privilege to those who can do genuine studies in university without being worried about recouping the monetary cost of the personal experience. For many however there is a measure of debt vs. gain in terms of employment plus income.
Don't over look quality trades. They require knowledgeable and driven people as well. Many trades require certification and ongoing upgrading.

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Depends. Is it a disparity in genuine wealth or is largely on paper?
Measure buying power. Such the how many typical working hours does it take to earn basic food and shelter? We all have expenses that previous generations did not have as well. Whether or not our lives require cell phones, second cars and cable is easily debatable.
It really would hurt less for future generations if the debt mess were to be paid before worrying about toys and vacations.

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It's their time to make use of.
In the mean time we have a Conservative majority that is out of people to blame if their plan for Canada hits a rough patch. The NDP will have growing pains even if they learn the role of the Official Opposition quickly.
It's just going to be a mistake on the Liberals part if they think sitting back and hoping for others to lose is the way for them to win.

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The Liberals will have three good years to get their brand back into a functional alternative of ideas. They need not worry about governing ( they lost), nor do they need to trouble themselves over the role of the official opposition ( they lost badly).
It's three years to rework who and what they want to be. They also can learn to reach out to a grass roots movement for ideas and funds. After that they should be able to have a real leadership campaign to elect a leader who embodies their chosen direction.
Or they can blame the old leader, the Prime Minister, voters, Quebec, Alberta, the Governor General, non-voters, media, social media, wiki-leaks or anyone else until all that marks them Liberal is their red enraged faces that they LOST with a bad platform, bad communication and a leader that didn't fit what his party decided to be.

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There were many and good reasons to look at the alternatives besides just the Conservatives attack ads. If that's why the Liberal brass feels they lost then I sincerely hope time as the third party teaches them something.