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Poor Chris Matthews. The thrill in his leg ran up to his anus, encountered his brain there, and then exploded leaving him as a big pile of crap. Chris Matthew is NOT to be taken seriously. Obviously, he has dementia and is in need of medical/psychiatric care. An institution is recommended for such a severe case.

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Obama says his father served in WW2

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I had never heard of this site till now but I'll be watching for it to re-open. It sounds like it was a good site. I guess the suit-happy Las Vegas Review has to keep suing in order to get finances. Sad way to make a living.

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When a man acts authoritarian (as the border guards) it tells me one thing. They are hen-pecked at home and never get to make any decisions. So when they put on a uniform, watch out. They will act like Hitler. I apologize to the Canadians for the actions of these hen-pecked, wimpy border guards. Be assured, when these guys are at home, their wives boss them and tell them what to do. The test of a real man is how he handles authority. A man who is self-assured does not act like a bully.