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When people don't keep the stuffed animals and cartoon characters to their children's rooms and have it throughout their house.

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My favorite part about outdoor living is feeling the breeze outside and all the smells that the outdoors bring (from fresh flowers-currently lillacs, fresh mowed grass, campfires, etc). Being able to sit in the sun and feel the breeze on your face - Nothing is better!

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I always attend and buy local pieces at our local art fairs and festivals. I too have shopped at our local amish furniture store and have one of the most beautiful china cabinets from them!

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I love my Hot Cinamon Spice tea, the aroma is so relaxing and has the best blend of flavors! I have to order it online for it's not available around me, but so worth the price!

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I think I would wear a sundress, flip flops and sunglasses to be able to absorb the sun. Being that I currently live in the north and my skin would like to see the sun and my eyes would need the shade!

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When we first looked at our house we were happy with the neutral color they had chosen to paint throughout. At second glance, when we went back prior to putting in a bid, we found that in the entryway they had just painted over the wallpaper with the neutral color, hoping that we wouldn't notice being that it was the same throughout. Needless to say we purchased and have yet to tear it down.