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I just used my points a couple months ago (for the first time) to get a flight to Atlanta (leaving in 2 weeks).

I LOVE IT! I have never used points before but since using them for that I am hooked on using my card for EVERYTHING.

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Haven't been reading your blog long enough to know if you are a catch or not (if I am going on looks alone I think you will make someone really happy one day...how is that for being superficial but keeping it clean?), but I think putting up that kind of road block may be just an artificial way to eliminate guys before giving them a chance.

How could you possibly know about that world inside 3 dates or 3 months? Maybe he is a spendthrift because he has a HUGE trustfund OR maybe he is a spendthrift because he makes a couple hundred grand a year?

I can see being 6 months into a relationship and learning of the CC debt, but it really would be hard at first. I am positive if a girl asked me about my 401(k) 4 months deep I'd be running for the door assuming it is the opposite and SHE IS THE GOLD DIGGER!

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Rock it out! If you make it to NYC Drinks on this guy.

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Eating healthy is not expensive at all! Beans, fruits and veges are cheap! I heard if you stick around the perimeter of supermarket you'll be good to go!

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Good luck! I haven't lifted seriously since I was in college (I am 29 now)...I just started reading 4 hour body and it is fantastic...also check out C25K a cool running program (only 1.99 at the app store so it isn't breaking your rules).

Looking for to fall team 5!

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Interesting question! A few years ago I think I would have taken on a roommate (have a kid now), WIFE IN NO WAY WOULD HAVE DONE THIS...but on the same token I live in one of the most expensive parts of the country (about 35 mins outside of NYC - north shore nassau county LI) and she would move in a second, but I won't lol

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I agree with Jacob that it should be based on an individual situation. While I save a good portion of my income (liquid savings accounts, non-qualified investment portfolio and retirement) most of my saving is into liquid accounts for a future home.

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added a rider to my homeowner's insurance. It isn't cheap but considering that the Wife's hand is worth more than my car it is worth it.

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Our goals sound very very similar. Curious though, why MS though?

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I have not read any Friedman but I remember love my economics undergrad classes. I actually almost didn't graduate on time because I took too many economics classes and not liberal arts lol (BS Business Economics).

Ever let Mr. Kraft know how he shaped your life?

You would LOVE my recent post lol
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