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I like your idea of using a bug tracking system to stay in touch with the people that are using your code but the user voice service is not actually the best option. I would love to see a WordPress plugin for bug tracking but I haven't found one. I looked at bugzilla from the guys at mozilla and I love it, but I can't install it since I don't have shell access on my hosting account. For now, I'm testing Mantis availabe at mantisbt.org, but I'm not sure about it since its code is hard for me to understand and therefore hard to modify it and apply themes etc. Sorry about my long comment, great post. Luis

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I'm loving this, I'm not sure why I didn't notice it before. Thanks.

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I know, and the transition to be a home theater pc is going faster than what I though. I love my Mac mini.

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Well thanks Mark, good thing cuz I really like the informative dashboard with my WP stats on it, as for the turbo button, it only makes sense to display only if you are not using it. Thanks for stopping by.

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They managed to put the Turbo option for the Google Gears back in the top-left section of the Admin area. I don't like it there but is not that intrusive.

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Ahh, Man! Seconds after releasing this post, they updated the software to WordPress 2.7 Beta 3. I will be testing and if there is anything to report, I will do so in the comments of this post.

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I bought a MacBook and was able to test that the sound profile for connected speakers are different from the internal speakers. I'm thinking this is true across all Mac computers. Yeah!