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When I go to your home page ( the current post shows no title - the post text starts immediately below your link bar (Home, About, Rifter Guide). The page for the post itself ( has a title, just not on the home page. Scrolling down the home page there are some other posts with no title on them, but most have a title.

You should fix that - it confuses the hell out of me. ;)

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Careful about the country retreat - Providence is hardly the idyllic setting these days. :) But welcome - if you like good fights, you'll like it here.

We have quite the blogging mini-community covering the region. Kirith has been here for a while, and two of his corp-mates blog too. I've been in the region for almost a couple of weeks now with Agony Empire. You're here now, plus the ones you mentioned. And we've got Wensley, Manasi, and Ombeve talking about the region too. Am I missing any? With all that coverage, there won't be a need for ISC. ;)

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Recommended! I've taken the Basic course via the scholarship and followed it up with the Wolfpacks course. Even if you don't plan on being a full-time PvP player, the basic course is a good idea so you understand the principles when you are in PvP situations. Take advantage of the scholarship - it's time well spent.

During the roam you get to see how the classroom material really works. In the Basic course I attended our large frigate fleet took on another large frigate fleet, and cleaned house. Mopped the floor. It was a very effective demonstration of the classroom material.

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It's good they are making progress. I'd still like to see more explanation about what's causing the server to take so long to pass the grid down to the client. It looks like they don't yet have the answer to that question.

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I'm with Kazaji on this. I like Eve for its depth and complexity. You can keep it simple (high sec, missions, mining, and the like) or go into it in a bigger way. Eve's expansions give you different ways to turn, and if you're reasonably new (I'm 1.5 years in) there is so many options available it's hard to choose one. I'm finding I'm falling behind the curve (due to limited playing time), but I think that's OK because it means there will continue to be plenty of play options for me going forward. I can't see getting bored any time soon, and that's great.

Although it can be tough trying to learn things in Eve, I find that the lack of formal documentation encourages people to interact to learn new stuff. People like me seek out people like you who are willing to coach a bit to help others get better at the game. I think that encourages the social aspect of the game to some degree and helps build a player community that is active and healthy.

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That's cool to watch on the vid. Nice job - on the vid and the kill.

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I admit I'm a cynic. They say that the failure of their hosting servicie "... has given us the chance to do something that we feel was a long time coming", i.e. setup Tweveit. But you don't just role out a whole new service - professional looking Ga'len says - in a few days after your service provider collapses. They had to have had Tweveit pretty well done before the service provider failed. And Tweveit Connect is all ready to take the old GameScribe clients - I doubt it was just set up in response to the service provider failure.

So all the Tweveit development was about done and ready to roll out, and their service provider just happened to fail at that same time? Too big a coincidence for this cynic to believe.

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Nice list - some names I wasn't familiar with.

Agony Unleashed has PvP University - I think they'd be good ones to include in your list.

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That was impressive. Laid it on the line about as clear as clear can be.

You seemed to express the frustration very well, imo.

Mrs. Biddle's Happy Tea Society - ROFL. Yes, what would you like in your tea dear? Antimatter or EMP? Some Thunderbolt on the side, perhaps? Don't forget to leave your ransom on the way out.

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Have you tried playing Eve using wireless internet? You may be able to play using that. Eve's network load is not that high and you can get decent game play on some slower services. Mynxee ( plays over a satellite internet link, and she's quite successful at PvP even with the lag inherent in satellite link. Some have said they play Eve over dial-up, but I have trouble with that one. Your wireless link might be okay - tryi it if you haven't already.

All the best with the move - lots of work but worth it once you're into the new place.