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I LOVE the porch, tower, outside kitchen and almost everything BUT the orange and white furniture is the worst..... sorry but what were you thinking?

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Actually I meant to say we are in constant awe of the Iron Chefs.
Man......... what talent

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Something is messed up on this blog. I actually got a note in my email stating I was using foul language. I don't see the message here. I left this blog 3 or 4 days ago because of the troll lurking amoug us here. Watch out bloggers there are usurpers here.

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Hi Barb, I went back and and looked at all my comments and they all appear very positive except the last one about Melissa which attracted someone named "luvcookin" who seems kind of rude. Are you sure you meant me?
BTW, what does it mean when I pass the curser over the place where the avatar goes and it says I'm hiding under a rock? I wish I was more computer savvy and had chosen a different moniker.

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Your intent is to criticize me it appears. Please drop this as your are treading very close to harrassment. Perhaps you need to look for help as someone earlier suggested.

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Chris aka Sanita :^) Not a problem. The lady keeps accusing everyone of what she is most guilty of. Me thinks she Is she "Love2Boast" also? When luvcookin said talk to me about criticizing I burst out laughing. I thing I've posted no more than 10 time thru the entire 9 weeks. ____Actually my intent was to help those who found the dressing too tart or tangy. Honey really does help if you're using cheap basalmic.__Cheers,__Lin__

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4th, My screen states there are 27 comments on this dessert but only 6 are showing up. My sister replied to this recipe with a gentle negative with one star and it was not allowed. The rest of the comments don't add up either.

5th, well you caught me! I was in a hurry & not aware I was posting to the sentence police.

6th, while you did not enlighten me with an opinion on it. There is no way the average cook could accomplish this meal for $10

7th, This is a blog. Everyone has an opinion and on a blog they also have right to express it. So you could follow your own advice and if you don't like the way a blog is beginning ....... Don't read it.

Yes, I wanted Jeffrey to win because he had new ideas and was inspiring. You wanted Melissa. So be it.

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Sorry but I don't linger near my computer waiting to ambush bloggers not agreeing with my thinking and waiting for comments on my pearls of wisdom so I'm somewhat tardy in my reply. I stand by all I said.____1st, I've heard all of her tips before thus far. Perhaps you missed it on another show.____2nd, if you'll read the comments on the salad dressing you'll find the main complaint was tartness. The reason Melissa's may not have seemed tart to her was the age of the basalmic. As we all know, the older the vinegar the sweeter. Honey will help this. I'm sure hers was expensive AND well aged. My cookbooks having this recipe state this and I have over 700.____3rd, my children and the children I know would not go for these dishes so in this case I may be generalizing but the torte has way too much fat content for the average child or adult.____

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All of Melissa's tips are so lame and old. The salad dressing needs a 1/2 tsp of honey and really well aged basalmic to pull it off.....Too tart! Kids won't touch any of this stuff. The dessert was disgusting and FN won't even publish the comments. The torte was not something even she wouldn't feed her own offspring, considering how unhealthy it was. AND 10$??? Is this a joke?

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I find it intriguing that at least half of the posters wanting Melissa also wanted Jeffrey to have a show so to me Melissa's majority of the votes doesn't mean much. Also to those who keep harping about poor sports ........ Hey! Squeaky wheels get greased according to the old adage. People have a right to opinions so I say let 'em rave but keep it somewhat PC. I was for Jeffrey all the way and I'm still hoping he'll get a show. With Michael Chiarello & Mario Batali seemingly not taping any longer for FN, Jeffrey would have been a nice addition.

I believe Ellie Krieger has a splendid show and she's more decaffinated, easier to watch and less pedestian than Melissa with the same intended values.