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It's all uphill from here. Unless we find out George Soros runs Comcast, they probably can't make NBC any worse. First, get into the news department and make some drastic changes. News should be news, not political spin or analysis. If a show has analysis and political spin, include the bottom screen ticker, "This show has political opinions and ideas and does not represent the feelings and opinions of the network or the sponsors." Get rid of the unlikeable personalities like David Gregory, Rachael Maddow, Keith Oberman, et al. and hire some people that look good and have brains, kind of like they employ on the Fox New Channel. Next no more cop shows, no more doctor shows, no more lawyer shows, no more shows that they can inject their political viewpoints/correctness. Concentrate on Sports, Sit-Coms, game shows, amateur competitions, and pop culture that provides a positive impact on the viewers. Stay neutral on hot button topics and watch the edgy language and situations. Don't look back.

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This guy is a real loser in life. He came from a broken home, divorced parents. He's currently being investigated for rape of two women in Sweden. This guy is no different than the Virginia Tech shooter. He really doesn't care who he hurts or kills. If we had a president who knew what the hell he was doing this guy would have swallowed a 7.62 between the eyes months ago.

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She's an incubator for a raging yeast infection.

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Could we have a moratorium on these two hags? Please. Their faces make me ill. If I even have a hint of what they are yapping about I know I would need medication. They get way too much coverage for their delirious rantings. The only time I want to read or see on TV anything about either of them is if they've taken an overdose of sleeping pills or they've jumped off of the Verazano Bridge.

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I like watching her on reruns of Green Acres.

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When is this guy going to leak the good stuff? Like who killed Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe? How about those UFOs, what's the story on that? What really brought TWA 800 down?

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Not only is he NOT a resident of Chicago, he's NOT even human. Send him back to Pluto.

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Does he still have women come on his show and compete for boob jobs? That was OK though with NOW or women's libbers, because he's a big ProChoicer. How about that guy Stuttering Bob, is he still on? Nothing like making fun of someones affliction. Howard Stern should have never been on the radio. Due to the double standards he managaged to get away with a lot of political incorrectness thanks to his liberal base.

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I'm starting to get the feeling that this is becoming the Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar website. They sure get a lot of coverage here.

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Mark this one down. When a Republican is back in the White House and there are large protests against corporations or government agencies, these libs will support it 100% and say it's great for democracy.