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I couldn't be more different. While I do not deny terrible atrocities on both sides of black and white, I have forgiven and nearly forgotten any slights I may have suffered at the hands of a person who happened to be black. I am close friends with several black folks. What in the world do I have in common with Pitts?

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I agree 100%. Pitts will keep them open.

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Pitts is a one-subject, mean, bitter, angry man with no appreciation for very good men (like MLK and the Charleston church leaders) who have been trying healing instead of opening wounds. He enjoys the same following as Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright. If he is looking for pity, he has found it from me - but not for the reason he wants.

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When I was a boy, my teachers had plenty to do with my discipline, but I don't remember in all my elementary, grade and high school years any parents bringing suit against any school or teacher or volunteer member of the school board. Life is tough for a teacher. Life is tough for a member of the school board. It's even tougher when parents (naturally, and we might all react the same way) defend their kids' actions by casting blame everywhere but on themselves and their kids. But will we go even to the point of litigation? The result of this action is a pall on anyone considering making the necessary sacrifices to become a teacher. No wonder teachers demand more pay. The profession ain't the same as when I was much younger. Thank God for the good ones who survive.

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Not at all. Blaming the GOP is changing the truth.

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The letter suggests the decision as to the number in the audience is limited by CNBC. This is a very good example of media and C.U. bias to the point where they will change the truth in order to build a position. "We understand that this is primarily a television event and CNBC has limited the audience of the 11,000-seat Coors Events Center to about one-tenth of capacity due to the set-up of the stage, lighting, camera equipment, etc."

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Re the liberal arts college, it's past time for that. They've already earned that label.

And it makes absolutely no sense to hold the debate at C.U. Who decided that? If CNBC was looking for a liberal university campus, there are thousands which qualify. May I suggest Berkeley or Madison? Don't they have an area which could host a small crowd at such an event? It can't be the local Boulder folks who have chosen this town - there are hardly any Republicans left here.

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Ms. Wright will get more support if she includes the other side of her argument. How many people will get sick from animals who are slaughtered while ill because they did not get antibiotics? And did she speak with farmers about her proposal? Where is their side of this debate presented? How much would her proposal add to the price of food? This is, I think, the third letter recently published here which is in favor of new restrictions on the use of antibiotics. Has anyone noticed the effect of the plethora of new government reg's and rulings? (Red tape can only be affordable by companies big enough to have accountants and lawyers on board - small businessmen (and farmers) can't cope.)

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I see. You expect them to abandon their principles in favor of populist notions. No, that's the Democrats' job.

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No, there's WSJ plus many much smaller news sources. It's not that the right has no news sources. Fox news readership and T.V. news audience is huge, enough to counter any two of the competition, and I think WSJ may be the greatest in circulation.
But yes, the majority of the rest are, as you say, liberal news distorters. Their commentators are graduates of places like C.U., having a great deal of liberal arts education and no practical life experience, pushing a socialist agenda in the belief it's good for mankind. They don't understand the difference between their editorial comments and factual news reporting. A great example is one of the leads in this evening's news here at the D.C. The writer can't report Boehner's resignation as news without adding in the headline a comment (pretending it's fact) that the right wing of the party (Tea Party) forced the resignation. While it may be true, Fox headline limits to a few words - "Boehner unexpectedly resigns." I feel a little silly pointing this out to you, because I know this is not news to you - you already know what I'm saying - but you like to argue.