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Alex - may I also ask permission to use your awesome programs as inspirations for our invites? We are not having programs, per se, but we are rewarding the "yes" RSVP's with some sort of wedding day survival guide. Since our wedding is binary for 42 (101010) we have been toying with a Hitchhiker's Guide theme for the survival guide. Thanks for showing us one great way to do it!!!

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"We decided to skip a bunch of the usual built-in drama and leave out bridesmaids, groomsmen, ringbearers, piles of doves, etc."
LOL! A couple after my own heart. Cheers to less built-in drama!

I like the idea of having music played from an iPhone. Especially excellent for spontaneous, elopement type events.

Lovely couple! Awesome pics. Congrats!

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I love it! I never knew the Cayce Meditation Garden could be transformed so. I've been there many times and I am delighted at how they transformed the tranquil setting into a very spiritually spooky scene. I'll never visit the garden and see it in the same way again. Most lovely pics! Hats off to The Purple Cow for being so awesome!

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It wasn't too long ago when pink was considered a boy's color and blue was considered a girl's color.

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This looks absolutely fabulous. What a gorgeous couple! The pictures are perfect! This makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside ^_^

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Love the colors! Your make-up was perfect. Love that you did such a beautiful job for such a low cost. Love, Love, Love the pics! Fab, Fab, Fabulous! You are one lucky couple to have such creative and awesome friends to help out. Congrats!