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I could kiss you! My urban viking's been having a hell of a time finding armor - Le Troll Aux Trousses is PERFECT and has his SIZE!!! *pardon the open weeping*

Your wedding is awesome to look at, and I absolutely am inspired by your "yup, we're vikings!" attitude. LOVE tweaking out to your weddingporn ;)

Thanks again for sharing everything!

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Thanks :)

582 weeks ago @ Offbeat Bride - Weird wedding survival... · 0 replies · +1 points is where I ordered them, and several other bag types.

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YAY! Thanks, guys. I should mention these are for our wedding party as part of their gift, not something we did for favors for everyone. That would've been cost-prohibitive.

The links to amazon are spot-on, but always look around on the magical interwebs - we got the Pez from ebay cheap, for example.

I'm really in love with the final result though. Nerdcore love! :)

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What an awesome idea! Beautiful and reassuring and fabulous. This is amazing.

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This is such a happy wedding to look at - and your advice about the moral high ground really resonates with me. Congratulations!!

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I cheated a bit - I took a screenshot, using PrintScreen button, then opened it in Paint and cut it down to size, saving it as a jpg. I also actually cropped it into pieces to stack it vertically - since I didn't want it to take up as much room as it was when it was generated.

Just make sure you give people enough room to use it! My first try had all the boxes and lines way too small - and I really want guests to use them, with crayons when possible :)

Also, thanks for the kudos. I'm all giddy they're useful to other people, too!

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Good Question Carren!

If you're using Word, Publisher, or Photoshop, basically I did an 11 x 17 landscape, and I set the margins close but not to the edge.

Then I would also recommend using the Help to set your background of pieces to transparent, so they don't overlap each other. Also, use WordArt for the little titles, and set images to "In Front of text" to make them easier to move around.

If you have any other questions, let me know! I'm happy to help. :)