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Noah built an ark. God made him get his own rear end out there and put some sweat equity into it. No one else did. Which one did God save? Exactly. The one who listened to his warnings and ACTED instead of sitting on his duff saying "God will save me, pass the Cheezy Puffs please".

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I often say no to my kids not because I can't afford it ($.97 for a Hot Wheels car we can handle) but because they have more than enough and I don't want selfish demanding brats. And, like many kids, they don't always appreciate what they already have. I also start buying Christmas presents at after Christmas sales and I'm done (except one Santa gift each) by Halloween. Nothing full price during the holidays, and nothing because a cool commercial made them want it. And I have a lot of stuff to the side for friends' birthdays, etc. A different kind of stocking up, but good in it's own way. (I'm sure you do it too.)

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Banilla Bling, Cha Cha Chocolate, and Dreamsicle (Creamsicle) are the three Tastey Paste flavors. You get a bulk discount if you buy 12 or more. My eldest won't even use the kids toothpaste, which is why we have Tastey Paste. When they sent my last order, it included samples. We can use those for travel, and for things like a BOB.

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Topographical maps are also good to have, although it can be hard to find them. This link is to one for search results for "Atlas & Gazeteer" on It took me a bunch of tries to finally get any results, so this should save anyone who's interested some effort. If you have a tope map, you can plan a route that reduces how many bridges and big hills you need to deal with. Reading one is also a good skill to teach your kids.

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Looking forward to getting it! Thanks.

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DH got the complete set from my parents for Christmas. Since I think my Dad subscribed to them in the 70s and 80s, he was happy to share something he has enjoyed. :-) We haven't had a chance to look at them, but I'm glad we have them on hand for when we do. One tip in a recent issue is to keep chickens to get rid of ticks. I'm thinking we just may do that in the near future. That way, if our neighbors comment, this isn't a preparedness thing, just sick of the ticks. :-)

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The name Citizen Corps gives me the heeby jeebies, but I got a free 200 pg book ("Are You Read?: An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness") from the local county that they put out. It has information on what to do in almost any emergency, including landslides and tsunamis. Not in detail, but we can't prepare for them all in detail anyhow, and it includes resources for more information on any areas that you need. It has quizzes in the book to see if you're grasping and retaining things. Homeland Security and FEMA are in charge of all this. It has a family communications plan section, disaster supply checklists (including a reminder to keep certain items in waterproof containers). If nothing else, the price is right!

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I have a waterproof watch (less than $15 from Target), but I also have a WIND UP watch. Once again, gotta love eBay. It was $.99 + shipping from China, for a total of maybe $15 (it's being shipped halfway around the world - that's not a mark up). If my batteries die, then I still have a functional watch, as long as I wind it. I think China's actually the perfect place to get a mechanical watch from since they probably have more than a couple areas where getting a watch battery replaced is easier said than done. Also, spare batteries and a widget so you can replace a dead one.

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In LA, the preschool actually taught my kids that "gun" is a bad word. Nice. And those are the folks who control our media.

Survival Mom, I agree about skewing data. It's like that quote that 95%(?) of guns involved in Mexican killings were American. The percentage was right, but it wasn't of the TOTAL number of firearms involved. I can't remember all the numbers correctly now since it was last summer, but it was something like 40% of the weapons had serial numbers, most of the rest were made in China, Russia, or somewhere else in the world. No point even attempting to trace those. Of the 40%, not all were registered, and therefore none of the unregistered ones were traceable. However, of the remaining firearms that did have a serial number, were registered, and were not made somewhere like Russia that would preclude them being registered, 95%(?) of THOSE were American firearms. So, the only ones they could actually trace were from here. What does that tell you about the rest of the world? Not what the liberal media wants you to think.

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I took a driving course on a race track. I think I was doing better than the guys because the guys wanted to go fast and THEN work on getting the line right. ("The line" is an imaginary line that, if followed, allows you to go through a track at the fastest possible speed.) Being a girl, I wanted to get the line down, and then work on increasing my speed. Guess which approach is more effective? I'm guessing it's the same thought process at work with firearms - girls work on sighting, etc, first, and boys just want to shoot, so the girls are better shots. Which is a long-winded way of saying the same thing - girls have more patience.