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593 weeks ago @ Guide 2 Games - Plants VS. Zombies · 3 replies · +1 points

Strange game I will have to say. :D Good review! I love the video at the end. (I don't know about the PC, but on the Ipod it had it)


595 weeks ago @ Guide 2 Games - New Super Mario Bros. Wii · 0 replies · +1 points

Good review! When I first heard about the game, I was pretty excited... once I researched the game, I was on my way to buy it! (Just kidding) I was so happy when I saw that it was a multiplayer! They're aren't many Mario games that have multiplayer, or good ones at that (Just Mario Kart and this).


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This was a great game. It might be just my lack of skillfulness, but I was stuck at the LeechGrave boss thingy for a really long time. Good review too! :D


617 weeks ago @ Guide 2 Games - Final Fantasy IV · 3 replies · -1 points

Good review! Why is it so hard to find a "clean" Final Fantasy game? -_-

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It was quite easy for me to pass over the talk of "gods" and "goddesses" stuff, because it seemed like they weren't trying to convert you to polytheism or something, just set a theme for the game. This is my favorite Legend of Zelda game so far! Good review too! :D

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Good review! I recently got this game, and I've already finished all of the story mode levels- it's so addicting! xD I personally think that the lego fights shouldn't be considered T rated violence. If anything, it's more of a spoof of violent games/movies, in my opinion. But it is an opinion topic, so...

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I LOVE THIS GAME. I just love everything about it. It's a must buy. ^_^
Great review too!

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I want this game really bad! I usually play as Fox on the Super Smash Bros. games, but it doesn't make me feel good to not know where he comes from or anything about him. If I find this game and I have enough money, I am going to buy it! Thanks for the review. :D

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Great game. I play it quite often. :D

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I love this game! This one's gameplay was better than the one for DS, but the one for DS has a better story and better robos/robo parts.