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Bring it ON.

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Food for thought. Of course, I have thought hard about many of these things, Jeff. And not just how to bring forth a general reader, but to encourage blog readers to take interest in a wider sphere--reading ALR, discussing literature (and the themes and issues therein), and discussing technology (and its impacts) as well. If I had more time, I would do so much more with the blog. *sigh* It sounds odd for a litblogger to say, perhaps, but I'm frightened of the death of print media, and print reviews etc. I hope that never happens. I love ALR, ABR, and journals. And I want the general reader to pick them up and discover something. I think sometimes the general reader might come across my blog if they google a certain topic (tagging works well for that), so that's okay, but I'm sure you have a point that the committed readership are book lovers, like myself. I think, content-wise, that esotericism is fine, and even effective, but of course I'd love to inspire more people to come by and take something from it--become aware of Australian titles and authors, or interesting books, or poetry