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The majority likes SS. SS even beat OoT in IGN's poll. Are you going to disregard that too? You are blatantly ignoring the majority of praise fans have for SS (I'm not talking about just polls, it's comments all over the internet). There's no way you didn't see the large number of comments on major Zelda sites and gaming sites, youtube, and facebook singing praise for the game - that's more than the number of people you met in person. And really, you think all tens and hundreds of thousands of these people are going to create like 5 accounts each (including facebook accounts) just to write the same comment on the same page?

And I never said SS would outsell TP and OoT, so I don't know where you got that information from. Also, Oot is still the top-selling Zelda, not TP.

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I totally agree with you. It's like how people complain they want new things, so Nintendo does that and then people still complain and say why didn't they make it like (insert older title). They want change, and then they complain when there are changes.

Btw, I like your username. XD

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I saw the T-shirt version with Zelda at WonderCon last month - it looked so cool!

I want to get the poster but, gah, I already have so many in my room, especially after getting the 3 Club Nintendo 25th Anniversary and SS one.

Maybe I can start sticking them on the ceiling...

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Skyward Sword really shows how the franchise is evolving and is heading more in that direction. It really broke away from the OoT/TP/WW mode (those 3 games were very similar), and I would like to see the franchise continue to evolve as they did with SS. SS introduced new things while still maintaining the essence of Zelda. The series should evolve in that manner that is fit for Zelda, not become a totally different game (i.e. Skyrim - I don't want Zelda to become a Skyrim).

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It also introduced the Master Sword for the first time. :D

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Again, did you not compare past sales?

TP was at like 2 million at 10 weeks.

SS was at 3 million.

You guys seem to think that Zelda games are supposed to sell like 5-6 million in a few months when that doesn't happen with Zelda games. 3.49 million end of January is really good! Do you know how long it took TP to reach 6.5 million? It took about 5-6 years.

And you can't just disregard people's opinions in polls and online and think that the people you talk to are the only valid ones. Just because you heard someone's opinion in person doesn't mean it is more valid than one given online. Seriously, how does that logic even make sense? So even though there are a lot of people here, like me, who say SS is amazing, you go and think, "well, what they say doesn't count." And then it's "I've yet to meet a person who thoroughly enjoyed SS?" Really? Everyone's opinions are taken into account. Everyone I've met in person loved SS. I have friend' friends who rave about SS to them too. They obviously don't go to your parties cause they don't live on the East Coast. And by the way, hardcore Zelda fans are more critical of games than casual gamers.

Also, do you meet tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people who play Zelda? Cause I find that hard to believe that you meet that many Zelda players.

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You do realize that the number of people you talk to is still a lot less than the tens and even hundreds of thousands who vote in the polls, who pick SS as GOTY, and all the other things? And again, did you look at the sales data of SS? Overall sales for SS is pretty good so far. A lot of people bought the game early on. It sold more in a short period of time than other Zelda games. It's going to reach a point where sales slow as all games are going to reach a slow point. It still doesn't change the fact that overall sales for SS is high still, and considering that the game was released at the end of the console's product life cycle (and knowing there are a number of fans who won't buy a Wii just for one game), I'm surprised it was able to break a record and become the fastest selling Zelda. Now, it's waiting for a few years to see what the total sales will be, and then compare it again with other Zelda games that have years worth of sales data.

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Where are you getting your information about "real life?" So Zelda fans online are not part of real life? Real life people don't go online at all? Your logic doesn't make sense. Do you have data on whatever "real life" people think? I've talked to fans in person and they love SS, but IGN's polls and other GOTY ones have also showed how much people loved SS. Or are you saying your speaking to less than 100 people is more valid than polls that had hundreds of thousands of voters?

And the sales are good. Skyward Sword sold 3 million in just 10 weeks. TP was still at 2 million in 10 weeks. SS is also the fastest selling Zelda game to date. Or are you seriously comparing 6 years worth of sales data with like 3 months?

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I'm so using my free plane ticket for this! I must see the exhibition!

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This is only Toys R Us though. It could be that Toys R Us doesn't sell games that well, and thus, they have to drop the price on certain games just because. I don't recall people really going to Toys R Us to buy games. I forgot you can buy video games there.