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And you either have to be plain ignorant and stupid if you write such a thing on a website which REVOLVES around the books Stephenie Meyer wrote, OR you're just trolling.

Either way, you suck. :P

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Looks like there will be a lot of action.. also I totally dig the Edward & Seth vs. Victoria and whatshisname scene. :D

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It wouldn't have been as funny if they weren't dressed like that. :P If Kristen was in that half-torn dress and Rob in his usual clothes, also without the retarded music and bloom effect, the reaction would have been different. :D

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“I’m trying to pick shoes that I know I won’t fall down in.”
So cute! xD I still remember when the dropped that popcorn something reward, hilarious. :P

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His arms are deformed! Huge biceps - no elbow - huge forearms. It looks weird. :P

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It looks more as if they used a cartoon filter on this
picture than actually drawing it. :/

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Finally a fan of the week whose mail doesn't consist of
*I have like twilight t-shirts, keychains, teddy bears, necklaces, bracelets, hats, cups etc.
*I read the whole saga in like FIVE DAYS!!!
*OMG I'm totally Team Edward but like Jaykob is hawttttt :D:D :D

and so on. :P

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Now it can definitely be argued that this kind of behavior is kind of creepy and even frightening, as Samantha pointed out, however if you're going by the conventional rules of imprinting then you also have to remind yourself that this doesn't happen to guys over the world, only those in the Quileute tribe exactly because of the behavior I've described above: they want the best gene carrier and the girls from the reservation are best fitting for this (yes, I know Renesmee isn't from the tribe, but you can't say she's your everyday girl). Thus, you can't really argue imprinting if you're setting it into our real world; it was made in the fictional world and it's there to stay--where vegetarian vampires move into your rainy town and giant wolves police them. :P

Having cleared that up, is the imprinting of Werewolf tribesmen upon other girls creepy or romantic? Well, think of it this way; draw a circle and in the center of that circle, pin down a puzzle piece (A) with a needle. Now connect a matching puzzle piece (B) with the one that's pinned down. And there you have it, your werewolf and imprintee; whatever puzzle B wants to do, puzzle A will follow. However, if puzzle B decides she doesn't want to hang out with puzzle A anymore, she can go away; and puzzle A won't stalk her, because he'll respect her opinion.

So you can't say that it's creepy, as long as it's a mutual relationship. As for romantic? Well, it isn't romantic until puzzle B decides it wants to be. Until then, puzzle A will be her best friend ever. :D

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Imprinting as a "function" occurs in werewolves (I'm not going to call them shapeshifters for the sake of clarity :P) due to the need to carry on the werewolf gene. Just as humans determine who their ideal mate is by observing physical traits and, later on as they communicate, psychological traits, so do werewolves.

Humans try to find the individual with the strong and dominant characteristics, making sure their children will be capable of surviving. Werewolves do the same thing, just that there is a different priority; they want someone who will ensure that their child can one day become a big, healthy wolf--and when this priority kicks in, the werewolf imprints.

Please note that I'm discussing this on an evolutionary level, it's much more complicated these days than simply looking for the hottest guy / girl and asking him / her if they'd wanna have a child. :P However, as much as we may not notice it, our ancient instincts are still present as a basis to our judgments.