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thank you for your response to my comment. I am very distressed at the ugliness of some of the comments. I just won't do that.
I like both Jeffrey and Melissa. I'm glad she won because I think she has more usable ideas and menus. My experience using Jeffrey's Harissa Steak sandwich indicates he is vey heavy handed with the spices and seasoning. I made it a second time with about 1/4 the amount he specified, and had a very spicy, flavorful sandwich. People will need to be cautious about using the amounts he specifies. That doesn't mean he is not good at what he does or that his ideas lack merit. It just means people need to be a bit cautious about the amounts of spices they use. Someone on another site commented that he must have a cast iron tongue. I think that may possibly be true. If you don't, you may be a bit overwhelmed when you make his recipes.unmodified.

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Do most of the people here shop on a per/meal basis? Do you not have basics like carrots, onion, celery in the fridge; some simple herbs and spices on the shelf? Do you toss the leftover veggies in the bag? The rest of the jar of cinnamon, or cumin after you make one recipe? Have you never heard of buying extras of the commonly used canned goods when there is a sale or you have coupons?
If you do shop one meal at a time and don't keep basics on hand or keep the extra flour, sugar, spices.... then I can see your complaints about Melissa's meal plan costs. I just made my list of things I need to shop and costed out the items I need to get for this week's show recipes and it will be less than $5.

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I watched Melissa's second show and have the following comments, particularly in regard to the cost issues.
I would have to shop for the ground beef because I used what i had in the freezer for a meal earlier in the week. but the amount she used would not be very expensive. I also need carrots since I used mine in a miripoix for my stew and a carrot slaw. I have enough couscous leftover from a previous meal, need to get dates because I am currently out.I have the tomatoes in the cupboard, the spices she used and I always keep a few onions in my crisper. The per portion cost is fair because most people keep basics on hand. My shopping trip would be well under $10 for the specific ingredients I need. to add
I thought she delivered a menu with different twists on some otherwise 'usual' dishes. I'm going to try them and I expect them to be quite tasty.

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That is an inappropriate comment. Is there some reason you need to be ugly to people who like Melissa? I am very disappointed in the maturity level of some of the people who come here to comment.z\
I like Melissa and her food. I've been cooking since I was a very tiny child. and I still find interesting things in her show. I think a lot of you made up your minds you wanted to sink her because your favorite didn't win.. I don't like the winner from last year but there are many who do. SO he has a successful show and good for him. I hope he stays on FN.I just watch something else when he is on. I wish some of you could offer Melissa the same sufferance.

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I found someone who taped the show and was willing to share. My power went off just before the show aired. I thought I'f missed out!
Excellent potato-bacon tarte. Delicous, easy and inexpensive, just as she said. Great tip on cutting the bacon.
I'm looking forward to the culinary travelogue to Morocco. Who said Jeffrey has a monopoly on that.

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I agree. Good cooking shows in prime time. But I suspect that they are trying to not buck the shows the majors put on at those timesl I guess I sort of understandmm but not hreally. I love all the shows you mentioned. Rachael Ray among them. She is a genuinely nice person and doesn't deserve the ugly comments she has been getting. I've used many of her recipes and find them quick, satisfying and truly delicious.

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My son prepared sandwiches based on the Harissa steak sandwich recipe jeffrey posted on hs blog site. We both agreed that Melissa's chicken was much tastier. The Harissa overwhelmed the steak even though we used less than Jeffrey specified. A dressing or condiment should enhance, not dominate the main ingredient, especially something as high end as strip steak. Even a non professional (my son and myself) knows that. So much for the trained professional over the 'mommy;

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I don't know any 'moms' who just want to put 'grub' on the table. Most I know want to prepare excellent meals that will satisfy their families and allow them to feel that they have prepared something fine,
Don't knock that Betty Crocker cook book. There is a lot of good information contained in it.
You want to watch trained professionals. I suppose you are one who thinks only people with degrees from a culinary school can cook.
Well, friend, don't look now, but Mario Batali never graduated from any culinary school and he is one of the best and most beloved of the top chefs. And he IS a chef.
Melissa may not have a degree in culinary arts but she has savvy, a good sense of what goes together, good organization and knows the technical aspects of cooking just as well as Jeffrey.

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But he didn't. He expected to win, But he didn't.
I really enjoyed him most of the time, but he had a few lapses also. He had two disasterous dishes, including the risotto which is a basic of classic Italian cuisine and shouldn't have been attempted in that setting. He should have known that..
Then, despite the great sandwich he prepared in his pilot, he fidgeted and swayed from side to side to the point where I found it distracting and my husband, usually a calm and quiet person, shouted at the TV "STAND STILL FOR HEAVENS SAKE!". Melissa came off calm, collected and completely organized. And she was again full of those neat tidbits that characterize her work. I love ti. I'm glad she won.She worked so hard to improve and grow throughout the competition that you had to hope she could carry it off. I also liked the way she accpeted criticism and incorporated it into her approach.
I hope we see Jeffrey in a FN program soon; I think that they are working on it.

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Thanks for the comments on the finale and for answering our questions week after week, even in the face of some of the rudeness.
I liked both finalists but preferred Melissa and I am very glad she won. It makes me sad that some of the folks who are passionate about their favorite can't be civil to the winner. She was so gracious to Jeffrey even when it was obvious she thought he was the winner, you would think his fans could offer her at least courtesy.
Again, thank you for two winners at the end. I have already tried some of Melissa's recipes and followed her tips with great results and I am far from an inexperienced cook. I am looking forward to her show and will be watching or taping every episode.
I hope you do get Jeffrey into a show. He had some great dishes and an interesting POV.
Linda S in SC