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Wow! I dont know what to say. This is Wednesday's post, isnt it?
This is really close to what I am wading through at the present. I wouldnt use the terms visible or invisible, pertaining to myself, because most of the time the things that make my heart fly are very invisible anyway. But, because the monotony at times and the unclear purpose for me not being able to be in that place all the time, I would say that that is His invisible hand. Still working out His purpose even when we cant see it.
Thank you for this post, it does give me a little hope. It is easy to start doubting and getting negative.
Have a great Friday!

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Jesus Loves me ALOT!

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Nothing profound or funny to say, except "Thanks". We all have our issues that can bind and humiliate us, when we're in the middle of that we forget what freedom feels like. So glad Father offers us continual freedom and forgiveness.