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That's easy.

Ron Paul has already gotten elected, and re-elected to Congress. He's always kept true to his word, all through the years.

Do you think he's just holding out for the presidency to suddenly change his tune???

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Someone has trouble with the concept of satire, hmm?

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I like the post, Margaret, but why the spam link?

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I don't think I disagreed with anything either of you said. I simply said it's a waste to "write in" a candidate that's not on the ballot, as in many cases they aren't even recognized as valid votes.

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I understand you like Johnson better than Paul, but seriously, does Paul make you sick?

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Of course I like his stance on Iran and drugs. They're the only sensible positions. I don't know how he feels about cops, but I as President I don't see how that's relevant.

He's not a lawyer, he's a doctor. You're confusing him with someone else.


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Gary Johnson, of course. Write-ins, no matter for whom, are a waste of time. (Of course, the same could be said for voting at all, but that's a subject for another day).

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I can't.

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I have no problem whatsoever believing Dick Morris is a complete tool. :-P

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This site has no connection to the Judge or the show, and it's extremely unlikely the Judge would become aware of any posts here. Your best bet would be to contact him through Fox, I would guess... Best of luck.