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it is not our government sitting idly by, it is 0bama ENCOURAGING ASSange to release these documents!

0bama's #1 100% objective is to destroy the United States and he is accomplishing this from every angle - financial, jobs, food growth, energy, military, healthcare, retirement, housing, environment et al.

Ya wanna get mad, vote the jug-eared Kenyan OUT of the White Mosque in 2012!

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You are a moron!
Indulge in 0bama's wee-weed up tiny black weenie.

Then get the h*ll out of *MY* country!

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See kids, this is how a person acts after they spent the last 45 years of their taxpayer teat-feeding life sucking on a bong.

Californication deserves Jerry "hop-head" Brown.

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Tony, you are an intellectually and morally bankrupt MSM brainwashed moron. Go back to your hate-America bong and leave the world's security to the adults.

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"I can see November from my house!"

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See what the despicable democrats have done to our society?! Their career victim labeling of people, anti-social, anti-law enforcement attitudes, is getting people killed.
Of course the party of KKK member democrat senator Byrd and his race baiting comrades have the blacks in America exactly where they want them: The democrat slave owners have just moved the black slaves off the plantations and into the inner-cities. Where blacks murdering blacks is far more efficient for the KKK democrats then it ever was in the south of a hundred years ago.
Good job pelosi, reid, 0bama et al.

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my dick, your it SHALL be!

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Bill Clinton has a son.

Who knew...

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While Hitlery carries 0-Bam-Bam's bed pan.
How does it feel to be an insignificant underling of America's version of Marxist/Commie?Nazis?

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There is nothing original about the Clintons. History documents many liars, cads, scoundrels, thieves, murderers, narcissists, perverts, molesters, cocaine addicts, sleazy politicians, and immoral anti-social scumbags.

The history and reputations of the Clintons are theirs and theirs alone. No one needs embellish their filthy stain on this nation's history.