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I say call hes bluff.
Dont build the mosque then demolish one every time theres a terrorest attack on the US we could do this here in Europe too.

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Read then burn it.
The Koran is a short read so a couple of lunch breaks should do it.
Now that Iv read this devil script, Im alot more confident in holding the dhimmies to account when I hear there lies then I was when I just took other peoples word for what it said.
Read the Koran! Burn the Koran! Throw shoes at the followers of the Koran!

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Spoken like a true raceist. Is there a school where surporters of Islam can go to learn to be so ignorant?
Ahh yes its called a Mosque

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Burn that tomb of evil. Dont listen to the politicians there was a time when people of courage and conviction went into politics but those times are sadly long gone now. We need to do this to ignite a debate on Islam a debate our politicians will try anything to hide from.
Best wishes from the UK.

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Arabs need to get off Jewish land end of story.

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About time the BNP changed this policy. For years the left have been beating us with the your raceist stick whilst we have been turning down potental votes and memberships from people who would be our allis. People like the Indian Hindus and Sikhs lost there homelands in northern India during the partitioning into Pakistan and had to flee for there lives from Islam, these people would be natural voters now that the BNP are loosing the raceist lable. Theres plenty of people who fled here to escape Islam and are none too happy to see it follow them here.
A publicly signed decloration in favor of Britishness and against the more unsavery aspects of Islam (Terrorism, Equality between the sexes, Freedom of religion etc) would keep the bad eggs out.

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I have to agree the BNP website which used to be my 3rd news portal with me spending on average 2od hours a night digging articals and commenting if I felt there was something for me to add. But recently I have noticed increasing censorship of any views not totally in agreement with the party line. I joined the BNP as the party which would give me a voice but now I find that voice taken away. I find the party line on the recent SIOE/EDL demo in Harrow particularly odious and cowardly with rediculess conspiracy theorys given widespread surport with no chance of reply the final straw with me was seeing SIOE slogans on BNP t/shirts (No More Mosques above the Mosque graphic) whilst the website accused those with the guts to demonstrate against Islamofascism of government culusion. This years gold membership may well be my last

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Im seeing 134 comments here but only 68 diggs folks.
The EU is far too importent an issue not to digg. Sort it out!

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If only 1 and 3 were possable under the Labour regime.

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This deserves to be made into a play screened on AlBeeb. Would be better than most of the crap they normaly show.