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No, I was thinking they'll do something more along the lines of personal attacks:

- Theo once smoked marijuana in college
- Casablanca is actually a rip-off of a long forgotten British sitcom
- He once tried to buy a Humvee and only stopped after a family intervention
- refuses to recycle plastic bottles

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Well now that the compensation for Theo was announced today I wonder if Red Sox Pravda (Globe) will start thrashing Theo for his multitude of sins the next couple of weeks. Is that something to look forward to or not?

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You got the answer to that but who is #23?
(I kid, I kid)

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You're on fire today. The last article you linked is as good about Belichick as I've seen. There's also a related article nearby about Heath Evans that confirms a lot of what I've heard about other NFL teams.

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Great article. Perfect. Thanks.

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Don't be so harsh on yourself George, you're not. More of a "feminine hygiene deodorant spray" but not a douche...

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I was at that game - a 24-20 destruction of the Patriots by those Super G-men. When Gostowksi missed a chip shot at the end of the first half we just knew it was a sign of things to come.

Sarcasm aside I don't think any real Pats fan thinks the Giants are going to rollover this team in two weeks. Do the naysayers, who believe in the vaunted Giants pass-rush know Vollmer didn't play that day? If he plays in the Super Bowl then having Solder play TE is a huge boost. Do you think Brady might have some time to talk to Martinez, his private QB guru? And this week we forgot about the presence of McDaniels who knows a couple of things about NY.

The the DB's are playing better than they were that game too.

And I think this Patriots team has a bit going for it in wanting revenge for 2007 along with the influence of Myra Kraft.

A win wouldn't erase the memory of 2007 but it would allow for some measure of redemption and most of us would feel a whole lot better, especially the Patriots organization.

Of course those things are moot to the media types and those who go through life, one whine at a time. I know I look forward to the game and think the Pats have a certain magic this year the Giants don't. Just my two cents.

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Thank you for this column - this has been my exact thoughts for a long time. This has been a problem throughout history - Shakespeare produced some forgettable garbage and Da Vinci gave astrological readings to supplement his income. But it seems that Rupert Murdoch has taken this sort of journalism to new depths ('three full pages of sports every day").

I appreciate you taking advantage of your freedom (unlike Borges when he was on forced leave).

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The only person missing from the photo is Paul Christoforo.

Had the unlucky experience to walk my dog with one of the talk radio believers. It's sad. We don't have a DC and Belichick has awful drafts; getting a knucklehead TE with a history of health/neck problems and another one who is a pot-head (thanks Weasel Breer for the reminders). Drafting the Kent State QB was also a waste along with that weirdo from Romania - the list goes on...

The local media does ruin things anyway they can - outside of maybe 2003 (where most of the debate was the parade route before the Super Bowl) they generally love planting the seeds of paranoia. No thanks. It seems that for many it is the hype that's interesting but to me I'm okay because I just love the games and for two weeks we get NFL football on Saturday and Sunday. Ho-hum.

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Very disappointed in Perillo. He is a very good writer for PFW and that comment is so beneath him. I don't know the real personalities in the media group but I suspect there are the hard workers and the ones who sit in the back of the class. I guess Felger's posse parties harder and smokes a better brand of cigar than the Reiss group. That's got to be the only reason why any "journalist" would want to part of that group.