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Well, ya got part of in right in my opinion. I have to say that I had no inrest in herb. I mean, he seems like a nice dude, but other than that, no show on food network please. Plus, this network is about food and enjoying life, not focusing on everything you put in your mouth in regards to calorie stuff. Most people can figure out what is healthy and whats not, and would be able ot fit it into their lives. I do however think that TOM SHOULD HAVE WON. He will be much more fun to watch and I am sad that he didnt get crowned.

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Herb was annoyinggg! I don't know what you are talking about but I could not watch him. Dont get me wrong, seemed like a greta guy, but just not suited for a cooking show. Tom however was fantastic

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ok Not trying to be a party pooper or anything but honestly, who cares what eva longoria thinks about the contestants! I mean for goodness sake its not like she can really say who is going ot be successful on food network or not.

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I gotta say, that scott guy drives me insane. He just seems so cocky and if he does not necessarily do something a certain way, then its wrong. Def didnt watch this show and have no interest in doing so