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While I understand some posters making comments about "it's the owners' fault" I must heartily disagree.

The person driving through a residential neighborhood could just as easily hit a wayward child. Would we be making the same comments? No.

And physics cannot be changed. A person driving is responsible for their car - sure a kid or a dog can dart into the street, and that's not the driver's fault - I'm trying to be fair here - but to say "it's a dog, so it's the owner's fault" is a knee jerk reaction. If it's a kid does not change the physics nor the responsibility.

Do ANY of us know if the dog darted out or if this person was driving too fast? No, but in any event, asking the family to pay is cruel.

A family dog is not livestock. I've been to Iraq twice and both times had to leave my dog with a good friend - and since I don't have kids, that dog was a comfort, especially when I came home and was given uncondtional love.

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I remember a CSI (the original) wherein Cath's Ex was falsely accused of rape by some woman who wanted to extort him into giving her a record deal. He had sex with her, and then could not deliver. So, to "get even" she falsely accused him of rape.

At the end of the show Kath does her "tsk tsk" moment, and seems amused at the woman's naivte, but what you did NOT see: The woman being handcuffed and put in jail.

The kicker - the false accuser admitted that she had a friend who did exactly the same extortion to married men, by falsely accusing them of rape and then demanding money - did SHE get arrested? Hell no.

It's PC all the time on these shows.

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Oh, one last critical point:

Ever notice that it is feminists (self-described no less) who deny deny deny false accusations happen, but they (like Kathryn) are the first ones to use them? She said that MRAs call for the beatings and rape of women - provides no proof, and just goes on from there.

It's not a wonder why feminists don't want false accusers punished .... they're the ones who often do it.


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Informative post.

Wish I had time to write more - gotta work, lol.


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Yea, but he was 42 (not in his 30's), and force WAS used. As were a drug.

I had not heard that he had bragged about sex with OTHER minors though.


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Good God. Yea, like I want to step into THAT mess and hitch my wagon to her life.


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Actually, it's been since the 50's when the Supreme Court ruled in the separation of state and religion.

We took moral absolutes out. We took out all the basic moral codes. It was replaced by man's "wisdom" - the ability to argue anything as "having an equal point of view".

Personally, I agree with him.

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Jesus Christ in a freaking cartoon,

This is a complete misapplication of the law.

Honestly, we seriously need some accountability in our prosecutor's offices. A few prison terms for some of them would straighten this mess out.


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But, to add to the discussion – you notice what those in Washington, Wall Street, and those who have a ton of money NEVER advocate? A tax on ACCUMULATED wealth is never proposed. For instance the Kennedy clan has their wealth protected in trusts and corporations, and from what I hear it is incorporated in FIJI – purely for tax purposes.

If you want to tax “the rich” go after the ones who have accumulated wealth, not the ones PRODUCING wealth and jobs in this country. Doesn’t that make more sense?


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Respectfully, have you ever RUN a business? And trust this – Barack Obama never has. All his time in the private sector was working as an attorney. That is real work, but it is not him owning a business, and being a lawyer is a niche that most people don’t work in. Lawyers, and yes we need them and I am not bashing them, leech off of society as to society’s needs. They produce NOTHING – their services are a byproduct of business, gov’t, law, civil and criminal cases. But they produce nothing.

“Pay their fair share”!? It sounds good until you actually LOOK at a ledger for a business and realize that the person who owns this business also assumes all the risk, has created jobs, must manage or fail to manage their business. Why do you want to punish success?

I’m not trying to blast you Jay, but I respectfully think that you have very little idea of the costs of running a business. You seem to see a shiny pot of gold, and not realize it took someone else’s sweat to produce it. You can only rob a businessman once, after that the well is dry.

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