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Susie - I think even tho Melissa won, you should do a show on Jeffrey anyways. Why not go ahead and do a show called "The Ingredient Smuggler" anyways? It would be a nice compliment to your stable of established stars. Jeffrey is so talented. Take a look at his recipe he made at home for his friends and family on finale night. It was amazing: Seared Scallops a la Saad.

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I agree with what Jeffrey told his friends and family at his home finale party last night as to why Melissa won. See his comments at http://www.shesez.com What a classy, cool guy! I honestly think we will see him on TV with his own show very soon - I certainly hope so!

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Susie, c'mon, give us your real opinion on this. It seemed like you liked Jeffrey better and thought he had more on-camera charisma than Melissa. Was it merely the fact that you liked Melissa's schtick and it complimented your stable on of air hosts? Is that truly why you picked her? Jeffrey in my opinion, is a more watchable tv host and he is so classy as you can see from my article about his home finale party last night in LA. http://www.shesez.com

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As a former tv producer, host and reporter for 17 years, including several internationally televised shows, I'm dead serious. Debbie is loose lipped in my opinion and does not show good judgement. She shared that extremely personal fact on national tv to, essentially a table full of strangers (except for the regular judges), and hundreds of thousands of viewers. If she did it there, why not do it on her own nationally televised show? It's essentially the same thing! Is it more appropriate in one venue than another? I think not. It's commonly called "too much information!"

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Susie- You seem like a no nonsense gal. What did you really think about Melissa's comment regarding her mother committing suicide? I thought it was highly inappropriate and reeked of going for the sympathy vote. That is not something you share about with a bunch of strangers not to mention on national tv. Can you imagine Rachel Ray just casually flipping off something like that while kneading pasta during a segment? I think not. Secondly, I'd love to get the recipe for Melissa's potato bacon pie. It's one of a number of recipes I've been interested in from the show. Why don't you guys put the best ones from each episode on the website?