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Yep, any recipe we link to on the blog will be from and you can seamlessly add that recipe to your FN Recipe Box. Sometimes we might include a recipe within a blog post -- in that case, we'll try to get it added to the FN recipe collection too so you can add it easily.

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I can assure you that anyone referencing Wal-Mart here in the comments isn't from our staff. Let us know what you think of Ezekial bread. I looked it up and the bible reference in their name seems to refer to a passage that has to do with making bread with millet, spelt, etc -- the ingredients their breads feature.

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We'll definitely update you with the new link and you can just save it in your bookmarks or update your RSS feed reader with the new RSS link -- then you'll always have our new content. We're also going to put something in place so if you do type in by accident or because you're having trouble remembering the new link, it'll always send you on to the new site.

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We've always been a little sister to but have a different team that works on Healthy Eats. We're just moving all that under the wing -- this opens more resources for us and, of course, a better chance for spreading the word. It's a win-win for us! Our blog format will still be pretty much the same as it is now -- just nestled into our sister site.

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yep, thanks for the catch!

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I agree -- she's setting such a bad example and making really strange and selfish choices.

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Yes, definitely bread pudding! It can be a little high-calorie sometimes but I love it. Gonna add that to our list of ideas for our ongoing lightened up series.

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Jessica, this is one article of hundreds that we've shared here on Healthy Eats in the 14 months that we've been around. We've done pieces before talking about artificial sweeteners, about explaining what common ingredients on labels are (including some that show up on diet sodas), about smarter drink choices to make (and what not to be duped by) and Toby has also talked about the news on soda taxes and other latest debates in her weekly news round ups (they publish every Friday afternoon).

Unfortunately, because of space, we can't go into every last little debate or detail about a certain item but it is an ongoing discussion here and we cover bits and pieces every day. Of course, if you have questions or concerns or differing opinions, we always welcome everyone to voice them in the comments and we respond to everything we can.

PS: I personally don't drink any soda (diet or otherwise) and gave it up years ago -- juice too! It helped me lose about 10 pounds and kick a bad caffeine habit. But everyone is free to make their own choices.

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That's actually not entirely accurate. Anyone can register a domain under ".org" and, while only ".edu" is reserved for education institutions, often students are able to create websites under those domains and they may not be monitored, fact-checked or verified as authentic.

Your best bet when getting information from an online source is to check up on who exactly is the voice behind it. We share all our credentials and details on our About Us section. You can read that by clicking the link at the very top of the page under our banner image and logo.

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I personally am not deleting any comments. To clarify, our system for commenting is set up so that when a comment is reported by another user at least 3 times, the blog removes it. This is moderation done by you all, the users.