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Yay! Jody isn't the only one who missed hearing what was going on with you!!!

I know it isn't the same...but you could always take a ride up to Lake Erie and stick your feet in the sand there. We've had some good times there and it can be a day trip or you can stay for a night pretty cheaply. The amusement park up there (Waldemeer?) is pretty cute, too. You can either buy a ride all day pass or tickets - it was nice because we went later and the kids rode "kiddie" rides and it wasn't too much money.

Anyway - glad to hear the garden is going well! We only had 1 red tomato so far but are looking forward to more! We have had about 18 cucumber and a ton of beans...I think we are going to be overrun with peppers soon... ;)

Have a great day and try to stay's going to be a hot one from what I hear!

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Love the pictures!

It is amazing what they accomplish in one year, isn't it? Happy Birthday, Chloe!

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I so want to be a "yes mom", too. I can't tell you how insane it is to try to do things with all 4 of them, though! The boys LOVE being outside. So, I'm anticipating doing that as much as possible...hopefully being out of the house will help me to keep it clean! hehehe Doubt it. It takes 45 minutes to pick up the toys that took only 3 minutes to throw all over the house! :)

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Yes Yes Yes!!!! Love the post and LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! :)

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I so love this post...It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and I am pretty sure I sighed out loud. :)

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I was worried about my comment being too long so I figured I would just write a second one...I LOVE your blog and have really missed your writing. I think a lot of it is because we know each other in real life, but it is also because I love hearing your funny stories and seeing your pictures! I have tried SEVERAL times to establish a routine in blogging and every time I get bored...I like to write about things as they happen and there have been times when I've taken weeks at a time happens. Glad you are back - or at least found time to write today! :)

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I couldn't agree more with the stamp vs. no stamp method being utterly ridiculous for 3 year olds!!! It ticks me off because I teach 3 year olds and I try very hard to make sure that they all know that they are special and loved. I mean there are times when we have asked parents to send things in, like fruit for our fruit salad. If a parent forgets I do not punish the child, they still eat fruit salad. I get so mad when adults do things to make kids feel bad. I understand that she probably got her point across and all the little girls without stamps will have ponytails next week but she could have done it without making anyone feel bad. :(

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*sniff* *sniff* ~ what a beautiful piece! :)

I completely connected with so many things you said. Must mean we are both wonderful moms! hehehe

Happy Birthday to Jordan! She is gorgeous!

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I love this post! :) It's also very inspiring - I'm not sure it's enough to drag me away from the computer while the kids are being quiet and leaving me alone, though. How about if I just promise myself I will make the bed the next time I run upstairs to pee?

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Today is the PERFECT day for Chili!!! Nate is so ticked off that it is snowing because he really thought summer was coming and that we were going to be able to go swimming soon! Poor guy.

The eggs in salsa looks really interesting. I would try it but I'm not sure about the kids. Wonder if you could do it with spaghetti sauce or if that would taste gross. Hmmm...they are actually red sauce fans so I may have to try it. :)