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6 years ago @ Kingstonist.com - Weekly Poll: Best Wine... · 0 replies · +5 points

+1 for By Chadsey's Cairns. I actually can't believe that they aren't included on a wine list somewhere in the city. In any case, their Pinos and Gamays are always a fave for me.

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Congrats to Morgan Holmes - winner of the tickets to Cirque Du Soleil OVO. Enjoy Morgan!

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Exploration #1 gets my vote, as it's the option that keeps the largest amount of the exterior wall intact. I don't like the height of the residential tower at the foot of the property that's included in this option. The boat launch from option #2 would be easier to accept, but certainly other ideas should be considered as well.

I don't see any attempt to incorporate elements of the Marine Museum in these options. Perhaps that could be added on the other side of the harbour.

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The City of Kingston will be commemorating the Hip's concert on August 20th with an special brick to be placed in Market Square. You can vote for your favourite lyric to be engraved on the brick here.

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Mayor announces that Council will vote on necessity of hiring Integrity Commissioner to investigate potential conflict of interest. Vote takes place at next meeting on October 4th.

7 years ago @ Kingstonist.com - Community Soapbox: A D... · 2 replies · +2 points

Downtown Kingston has been underperforming for a long time, so the notion that we need to hastily approve development or else our downtown will die is a ridiculous exaggeration. A lot of the Capitol condo supporters are jumping to the conclusion that development such as this is the only way to save downtown. Aside from the typical argument for modestly sized, smart residential development, why aren't we talking about the root cause of why our downtown is not thriving: sky high rents. If the few landlords who controlled the majority of our downtown cared a little bit less about profits and little bit more about the community, we would have fewer for lease signs and a little bit less to complain about.

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Very good point. Buying tickets through their site is very clunky, and frustrating. Would love to see them update the system with a search feature, or at the very least offer alternatives dates/times. Surely this can be done.

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Congrats to Lisa Holmes! Winner of the tickets to this year's Back to the Farm! Enjoy.

7 years ago @ Kingstonist.com - Weekly Poll: Downtown ... · 2 replies · +3 points

While I love Mexican and agree that it's underserved in Kingston, I think that the writing was on the wall for La Hacienda before they opened up. This space is simply too big and thus, far too costly for a small business to stay out of the red. Burrito Amigo couldn't make it work, and yet they seemed to do a decent amount of business (or at least I gave them a lot of business). Those looking to follow at this location need to turn their gaze up the street to El Asador. It`s literally a hole in the wall operation with rent that`s likely a third or quarter of the cost of what La Hacienda was paying. I`m guessing that`s a key factor as to why El Asador has been able to survive as long as they have; considerably longer than Burrito Amigo and La Hacienda combined.

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Important to note that there are strict rules in place that deter food truck operators from setting up shop downtown. That's one reason why you would have seen Mission Street open at the Brooklyn, or Two Nuts and a Truck open on Wellington a few blocks north of Princess. These spots are located just outside the no-go area, and are the best a food truck operator could hope for in terms of traffic. And as we're seeing this season, they obviously weren't enough to keep food trucks afloat. I wonder why food cart operators aren't faced with the same rules concerning where they can and cannot set up.