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Cojo is not only cokey eye, he is blind and trying to lead the blind, thinking he still has one eye in a kingdom of the blind. As I said before he should leave his comforts of the US and go live in Cuba if Cuba is so nice. They might have good cures for his prostate, I'm sure.

I agree with Ralphie, the US must lift its economic embargo but Cuba must also embrace democracy and free elections. In the first place it was the US who pushed Cuba into the arms of the USSR with spiteful sanctions because Castro, after being financed by the US to overthrow their protege Batista, refused to play ball and return Cuba to a state of business as usual where Cuba could be the playground for rich corrupt American companies and the mafia while Cubans suffered in poverty.

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Much ado about nothing. I am surprised that the President, a former High Court judge and international judge would allow emotions to blinker his good judgement and take foolish advice by some SC who obviously is unworthy of silk. Common sense would have dictated ignoring Rachel Price's stage remarks and not fuel further disrepute of the Office of the President. Maybe Price's remarks of the lady's sari were a bit crude and vulgar, but that is Trini calypsonian way of expression. Panday & Oma got a lot of abuse in the calypso tents, but that's life when you hold public office. For the President to pursue such a matter in the Courts, he may well have to surrender the immunity he has under the Constitution. What if he does and loses? This issue is too trivial for the President to expose the Office of President to further ridicule. Let it drop now.

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That may be so, but nowadays victims are not hesitating to expose and sue their abusers.

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I think you may not have fully understood what I wrote. The issue is whether Price defamed the President or his wife and whether they should make an issue of Price's remarks.

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If all this is true, then obviously "Barry" is mentally deranged and not responsible for his actions. As his wife, if Sylvie wants to save him from himself, she has the right and responsibilty to have him declared insane and committed to St Anns where he would be treated and taken care of and nursed back to mental and physical health. It may not be too late. My advice is to bite the bullet and make the tough decision. As a Catholic, you should be saving lives and discouraging suicide which is against your religion.

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In other words, "Do as I say, but don't do as I do". No amount of fake-overs could disguise hypocrisy. Go to India and see if you can do some jhandi spotting and then bow down and touch the President's feet. That could buy a few votes and get the ship from Calcutta to change back course to Tobago, bearing freebies for London, Sandy and Rowlie..

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I hope nothing untoward has happened to this child and that she is safe and returned to her concerned family. But with so many paedophiles lurking in the dark, one can never be sure. It is alleged that some even hold high public office so you can never tell these days. Just look at the people, big time celebrities who have been accused and jailed in the UK after their dark past caught up with them.

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And reveal what a fraud he is?

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WayneB05, would you go and live in Cuba, if they allowed you?

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And pig foot souse, force fed at that. And he would have been begging for more, even wanting to stay on and enjoy himself without his stupid followers knowing.