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Annndd I just saw that they offer free shipping on sample orders, totally just placed an order!
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This is gorgeous! I've been wanting to order from FFC since she's opened but the shipping costs kinda put me off.. The next time she has a sale, I will need to pick up some samples!
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This is seriously amazing! I love the your eyeliner, it's perfect! I really need to get myself a Sugarpill palette. I just haven't been able to decide which one I want!
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I follow you via gfc as KimmieKarmaLove.

This look: is my favorite that you've done, it's so bright and pretty!
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I would love to see more recipes from you. You post your meals but I think it would be cool to see you throw some things together and hopefully I can get some good ideas from it. One of my issue is trying to eat healthy and that is one of my goals for 2012! I think it'll be a difficult one to master but I need to get the hang of it!
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It's not just one brand. I can get Lucerne which is like a store brand here at Vons but there are also a few other companies that make it. Try Target too if you have one near you, I can get a half gallon for a couple bucks cheaper than the grocery store!
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Have you tried lactose free milk? I have no clue if it has casein in it or not but I love the stuff! I am allergic to soy milk and lactose intolerant but this allows me to have cereal or milk in my oatmeal.

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I think you look great in all of these lipsticks but I love you in Violetta, I need to grow a pear so I can wear some of my purple lippies!

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Those lip balms look amazing, I would love to try them!
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