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Draw Toonz


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11 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Doctor Whooves and Flu... · 0 replies · +15 points

I beg to differ. :L

11 years ago @ Halolz - RUN FOR YOUR KNEES · 0 replies · +10 points

Against all odds, I have to say, I actually laughed at this. I don't know, just the way the guard is standing makes him look like he's ready to bolt lest his knees get attacked by bolts.

...Y'know, cause bolts are the type of arrows used by crossbows... Am I doin' it right?

11 years ago @ Halolz - Skyrim Arrow in the Kn... · 1 reply · +1 points

((Not sure how well received HS is on this site, been away a while. MLP seems to have a neutral following though.))

11 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Die · 0 replies · +24 points

Perhaps the video is telling you to use your

when playing the game.

11 years ago @ Halolz - Skyrim Arrow in the Kn... · 3 replies · +12 points

Why... they could have added a Space Core prop or something cool like that but... just...


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CA: homestuck
CA: wwhat are you talkin about
CA: the only one makin references so far is you
CA: ...

12 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Dictator · 0 replies · +4 points

This video tells me to only pick the Soldier class... FOREVER.

12 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] League of Lege... · 0 replies · +1 points

I've only just got the game and put in only a few hours and already figured out that Garen's girth is less than or equivalent to Gary Oak's girth. YOU JUST CAN'T FREAKING IGNORE IT!

12 years ago @ Halolz - [VIDEO] Groose: Groose... · 1 reply · +4 points

All I need to be happy is a 1 hour video of that first scene... either I'm easy to please or I have a weird sense of humor. NO WAIT IT'S BOTH! :V

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Wait, what the crap? Since WHEN was leather a "creepy" fetish?! I always found it to be an entirely dead sexy one.