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So you don't mind it, Sarge, if a Muslim sheriff in this country only allows the Quran as reading material in a jail/prison right?

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Sorry, that General and that Sheriff do not have the right to use their office to force others to listen to them preach. This is not Afghanistan and they are not, despite their apparent fervent desire to the contrary, the Christian Taliban.

You do not have a country in which everyone is equal, Sarge, if the goverment and its agents are allowed to play favorites when it comes to religion.

It is you who doesn't understand because you have been so blinded by your supposed faith that you don't recognize when its being turned into a weapon.

When that Sheriff acts as the Sheriff and when that General puts on that uniform they are acting as agents of the government, Sarge, and as such their first amendment rights are restricted. If they don't like it then they can quit. But that is the only option they have.

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Oh doesn't. The laws of the United States answer to the US Constitution and the US Constitution, not the Ten Commandments and not the religious laws of any other religion, is the supreme law of the land.

If you, Sarge, and that Sheriff and that General want to live in a theocracy move somewhere else.

This is what the law says regarding government agents and religious preaching for teachers. What makes you think it's going to be any different for Sherriff's and Marine Generals?

Official Participation or Encouragement of Religious Activity
Teachers and school administrators, when acting in those capacities, are representatives of the state, and, in those capacities, are themselves prohibited from encouraging or soliciting student religious or anti-religious activity. Similarly, when acting in their official capacities, teachers may not engage in religious activities with their students. However, teachers may engage in private religious activity in faculty lounges.

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Because I'm willing to bet, Sarge, that you and your fellow right wing crackpots would be up in arms. Sorry, as I said..Christianity does not need the crutch of the government. I'm sorry, Sarge, that your faith is too damn weak to stand on its own.

The General, like the Sheriff, was in violation of the Establishment clause of the 1st amendment.

Or did you somehow miss this part too:“Our society in in a big mess today because good, decent and respectful citizens have ignored the Truth of God, good common sense, and a decent standard because of an opinion given by someone with a doctrinal degree who has no wisdom…. Remember, there are no loop holes or places for opinion in the Law of God, The Ten Commandments.”

I wasn't aware that the laws of the United States answered to the Ten Commandments..or to God.

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Yeah actually that is what it means, Sarge. He violated the rules. When said general is wearing said uniofrm then said general is acting as an agent of the government. And there are rules in place that are to protect the people from the idea that it's government's agents are acting in favor of one religion over the rest.

But I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem if a US general who happened to be Muslim did the same exact thing right?

Or if that dingbat Sheriff made the same statement but referred it to Hinduism right?

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This Christian would have absolutely no problem in jettisoning "In God We Trust" since I'm tired of my fellow Christians using God as a political whore.

Plus there is that whole "taking God's name in vain" part too.

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His first admendment rights, Sarge, does not inclue the right to use his office to push his religious beliefs on others. And to quote Justice Blackmun: The mixing of government and religion can be a threat to free government, even if no one is forced to participate.... When the government puts its imprimatur on a particular religion, it conveys a message of exclusion to all those who do not adhere to the favored beliefs. A government cannot be premised on the belief that all persons are created equal when it asserts that God prefers some.

I say this as a lifelong Christian, Sarge, Christianity does not need the crutch of the government to support it

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Sarge, the problem you're missing is that he did it while acting as the Sheriff. It's the same reason teachers can't lead students in prayer in public schools. It's also the same reason that that one marine general got in trouble when he stood up front in his church in full uniform and preached.

He was using his office to preach. He was perfectly free to do it on his own personal time until he did it while acting in the capacity as the Sheriff.

Plus there is the fact that the only reading material prisoners are allowed, thanks to the Sheriff, is the Bible.


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Can you please refrain from generalizing quite so much?

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It's so easy to paint all Christians as the same but that is as stupid, Jack, as all when a Christian paints all non-Christians the same. I would very much like it if my fellow Christians grew up, started acting responsibily and started treating their fellow humans the same whether they're Christians or not.

Of course that also means that the non-Christians who insist on acting like mirror images of those poor Christians should return the favor.