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Yes, I can understand the storyline being off-putting. I guess that is a big part of a film.

But, these days, conservative critics on films dwell so much on the politics of a film, i.e. how liberal it is, that they ignore art and aesthetics.

Plus, Polanski has an ambiguous position regarding the “evil” Americans, with Lang's impassioned support for racial profiling. This is near the end, so you have to have faith in the film before you get to this point, and decide for yourself Polanski’s political positions. I actually think that the politics is a backdrop in the film – Like those global thrillers like “The Day of the Jackal.”

Finally, we do have great talents out there, who have maintained traditional elements of art (and filmmaking). Polanski is one of them, despite his unsavoury character (and most likely liberal politics). Our choice is to throw him out altogether, or learn from his mastery.