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I actually was not there, but thanks for the information!

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Ahh, yes. On closer inspection the uniforms are a dark shade of green. My apologies, although for those watching on television they will look black to the common viewer, I feel confident in suggesting. Thanks for making me take a second look!

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The majority of these plays were suggested by a number of people on Twitter. I included what I could. They may have been blown calls but there is little dispute how important they were in the grand schee of things. Thanks for watching!

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Funny, you are the second comment on this thread. Thanks for reading and commenting though!

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Umm, thanks for watching! Out of curiosity, what didn't you like?

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Of course, the coolest part is yesterday was the 20th anniversary of that 1991 Game Six.

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Honestly, I think it's unfair to say Fickell made the wrong decision before we have seen a single game played. Let's give it some time and see how it all pans out. Both quarterbacks are going to be seeing some playing time this weekend, so both guys will have a chance to prove themselves.

Just my opinion though.

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Incredible. Not only did the artists add NFL clothing but in some cases they changed the whole background and scene.

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Ha ha, always in good fun I hope Keith. I'm just as floored by the news that my Phillies signed Cliff Lee as any Rangers fan probably is. Who needs to buy souvenirs while I'm down here when this stuff happens?

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I admit, I fell for it as well. :(