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I should've checked out your link before I posted my comment. Sweet app!

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This could be very helpful in a lot of settings. It's only written communications, so that part would slow it down.

Maybe the people who made this and the Dragon Dictation people should get together and make an audio app based on that same concept???

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Wow. That looks phenomenal. I made an iPhone 4 tripod following these instructions:

But this looks a billion times better. That site has some interesting studies on using an external mic with the iPhone, too.

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Great insights Steven! Just bought the Kindle version of the book and I'm really looking forward to reading it!

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Ooops. Didn't realize I was logged in with my new account. Oh, well.

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Being a fellow Google fanboy (and Apple for that matter), I'd love to agree 100% with you. As far as QuickBooks goes I do, but not with Google as a Church Management Solution. The main reason is that I don't think you can really do a full contact management with Google Contacts as you can with even the most basic ChMS. An individual pastor can, yes, but rolling that out to a church-wide scale doesn't seem doable.

Another area that Google will probably never enter into is kids check-in. This is a key component of what we use every week and we'd be hard-pressed to eliminate it from our ministry.

That said, it may be in the best interest of many churches to try something like this. It could dramatically cut costs for technology which would free up resources for other needs.

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I wish I could go, but I can't! Have a great trip to Dallas.

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Great insights. You definitely have a well-balanced idea about what the church really is. I know of a lot of people who I went to Bible college with who despised the idea of the church as a business. They didn't think churches should register as 403(b) organizations, and thought they should only focus on spiritual matters. Needless to say, most of these people didn't end up lasting in ministry or church work.

The truth is that all churches (or almost all) have two functions: 1) being the bride of Christ; and 2) non-profit organization. Churches must live in both worlds if they want to survive these days. The challenge is to find balance between the two. It's rare that they stand in stark opposition of each other, but when that does happen the spiritual body should win out (in matters regarding remaining true to Scriptural mandates).

You're right, though, that too often we, in churches, allow for sub-par performance simply because we're a grace-filled community. I like some of this, but it usually goes too far.

Thanks for the post!

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I didn't. I'll have to check it again.

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You're probably right. Every guys trip I've ever been on has involved a lot of cracking up. Especially when fire is involved. 12 disciples + Jesus + 3 years = Must've been some times of cutting up. Good points, Logan.