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And it just shipped via UPS from Shenzen for October 14 delivery here in California. Woot! xD

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Mine still says "Delivers Oct 14 via Standard Shipping" (ordered at 4am).

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Comparing what, just two channels of MIDI driven output? How about we build a full song and watch that downbeat lag with one MIDI port? Or what about the poor grounding of the ST's MIDI port that freaked some devices out completely? If we're testing external interfaces, let's do that on both. Or best of all: Compare the old MIDI mess to a soft-synth. Sure that's not fair, but we are talking about tightness. If tight timing were my concern, I'd rather run software than try to keep one of those grand old ladies, and her floppies, working. (Yes, I used Hybrid Arts SMPTE Track and Cubase on Atari ST's for years.)

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The "64-bit" talked about here is memory addressing, not audio bit depth. They are two separate issues.

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Even moarr Flash and slowness! I ran into a ton of 404 errors the other day, for things like registration support, license transfer FAQ, and more. That's great. Signed into support? No you're not, sign in again! Sign into the forum, too! We won't answer you, though. Why don't you buy a sound pack of pre-made KORE shit? You know, once you find it. Go ahead, load the page, find it again on a page full of our other shit. Ok, check out the demo player, then oops, of course I buy it in the store. Load the store slowly, WAIT, first you need to select your country even though you are logged into your account, ok now the store is loading..

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He reads like he learned how to be contrarian in his high school newspaper and hasn't opened his mind since. Pretentious underdeveloped theories, self-loathing, anti-popular, it's all there. I suppose he defines the word "critic" at least, but whoever hired him doesn't know good from bad within the category.

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I just picked up Forever War after reading about Ridley Scott's involvement. Looks great so far. I'm hoping this tech also allows another great science fiction novel adaptation to finally get moving: Rendezvous With Rama. Morgan Freeman has had the rights for years, probably waiting for the tech (and the audience) to be ready. Fingers crossed for both projects.

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Phone gabbing isn't too bad around here, but text messaging is out of control. That might actually be good except for all the new phones with large displays and powerful back-lights. 5 minutes before the end of the film, pop pop pop pop all over the damn theater. Keep it in your lap, at least. Which is a good rule for many situations.