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Let's think for a bit shall we? Pokémon is a Japanese game. Means it's probably based off that culture. The currency used in the Poke-universe is a fantasy version of the yen. 350 yen are barely 3 bucks. Or did you think a bug catcher boy would carry around 350 bucks?

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That's different, since image macros a la advice dog are meant to be recreated. However the fact he arbitrarily declared it a meme and flooded halolz with every submission he received is pretty disappointing. Forced memes never make it.

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Run out of -good- submissions.

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And when all of you reach the imaginary milestone of popularity on a website, your lives will be better and all your problems solved. Also you'll surely be cool and, y´know, not some creep on the internet.

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His belly looks like a scrotum. Now I hate Poliwraths even more. >:C

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Please, PLEASE stop raping what little dignity Gurren Lagann has left.

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Nice picture. Almost doesn't take the epicness off completely. And hey that's the green guy. You know, the green guy whose recycled dumb joke is repeatedly posted on every submission involving him!

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I actually like the blue light bulb thing.

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I accept your claim about Atari not being the first videogaming system. I sincerely apologize to my lack of research. And yes, Sony and Nintendo had worked to make a console based on discs. However, Sony already had the technology for discs. They helped Nintendo, and when the final product didn't work out well, they went and created their own console. Which may I say was pretty successful. So my point stands. Someone applying a new feature to videogame consoles does not turn other companies who do the same into thieves.

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I honestly see nothing wrong with this. I don't see what is so hilarious. The motion sensor has been around for quite a while, and while it was Nintendo who made an entire console based off it, this technology does not belong to Nintendo. It is only logical the other consoles take the same step up towards a more dynamic gaming experience. Or are you saying they can't because Nintendo did first? What a childish thing. By that line of thinking, you could say, then, that Nintendo stole Sony's idea of using discs rather than cartridges. Or say that every game company copied Atari's idea of consoles that ran games on the TV. Please think a bit, before mocking people's work.