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One day I will have a spa bathroom! Unfortunately since I'm not even allowed to paint (we live in military housing) the only way I can relax is with a good book. You never know how important something like paint can be until you live in a place that looks like a hospital waiting room.

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Oh yeah, definitely. I went through confirmation (I was raised catholic and felt it was worth it to save my mom's sanity and I had no qualms with lying about my belief) and I was genuinely appreciative of the presents I got (yes for some odd reason you get presents when your confirmed-by the way for those that don't know it's when a catholic is old enough to state for themselves they believe in god, your about 16 at the time, it's just a reiteration of your baptism) a little prayer book and bookmark (I keep for genealogy records) that was all I got and I was happy with that and made sick while the rest of them went on about how much money or the new video game they got. Yeah the atheist is the only one who can properly appreciate what this is supposed to mean. So it's not just christmas they've ruined.

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I'm from Hawaii so only a few of the old houses (mainly in Manoa one of the more uppety up places, at least it used to be) have chimneys. So the adults always told the kids that Santa comes in through the window ( we always asked because that's all you see on TV and the movies is him coming in through the chimneys) so I always imagine him doing a B & E. Of course we also have a christmas song that says he "surfing into Waikiki" and a different song "presents in a canoe" even Hawaiians commercialize christmas! But I do miss the songs.

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Christmas started out life as a Pagan holiday, the christians just used it so they didn't get persecuted. Imagine that the persecuted turning into the persecutors! Guess they didn't learn anything about tolerance.

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"good news" would be if they shut up and left me alone!

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I don't get it. How many religious signs are there? We (at least I hope so) don't threaten them when they put theirs up. Yet they feel the need to threaten others because they disagree with them? That doesn't sound very loving or tolerant, which is how I hear christians describe themselves. This sound contradictory to anyone else?

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I have heard the excuse "without religion there would be no morals" sorry but I've never gone around breaking laws like stealing or killing. You don't do things because you KNOW they are wrong and if you need some ancient text for you to not do these things then there is something seriously wrong with you. Vjack have you seen the article posted about the D.C. archdiocese? Now the catholic church in D.C. is trying to blackmail the government! How's that for religion bringing evil? 'If you don't do what we say we won't help these people'. Yeah, that's morally advanced alright.

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We decided our love was more important than any other decision. We're willing to talk on matters and come to a mutual decision. But I also prefer adopting a slightly older kid. No walking around like a watermelon for me!

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I'm willing to THINK about having children but at this point it's a NO. He understands that but I'm open to the possibility of changing my mind (though that's doubtful). I'm confused about the statement ...than an atheist who did. What do you mean? I'm honestly confused.

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Well my husband and I disagree on some pretty big things like whether or not to have kids (I don't want one and he wants a ton) so we pretty much ignored everyone who said you can't be together if you disagree like that! But I think if you love each other enough and want to make it work you can. As for religion he said at one point he was afraid we would both end up in hell if he doesn't 'save' me. I laughed. Some people might take that comment the wrong way but it shows me how much he cares. I won't say he's accepted in terms of he's not going to bother me but we've been married for 4 1/2 years now and he's only brought it up a few times and those weren't random they had to do with something else we were talking about. If we have kids (big if) he wants me to go to church with him and the child/ren (we also debate about whether or not it's appropriate to have an only child, I think it's OK-I also think I'm writing a novel.) I told him no but I won't stop him from taking the kid/s to church (unless they start telling me I'll go to hell if I don't then they're not going either.) However we do get along great, surprisingly enough. But on that note my god parents (devote catholics) and my in-laws (devote lutherans and something else) do not know that I'm an atheist. At least I don't think they do. I figure religion is not worth ruining perfectly good relationships over-especially since I'm not married to them.